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10 Digital Trends to Inspire Your 2017 B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Trends in digital marketing are ever-changing. However, here are some of the trends that will rule 2017.

1. Videos as a medium for ROI
2016 was the year of videos and this trend is going to continue in 2017 as well. Not only is it an engaging medium, but also leads to better return on investment. A recent study shows that about 85% of digital markets have seen positive return on investment by using the videos medium. Hence, it is time to keep on using it till saturation comes in or a new trend surpasses it.

Videos as a medium for ROI
2. Video as the only medium being thoroughly consumed
Not only do videos mean better return on investment, but it also ensures that the audience is engaged for a longer period of time – hence becoming the most consumed medium on the internet as per HubSpot. In order of preference – videos are followed by SM posts, news articles and research based articles.

Video as the only medium being thoroughly consumed
3. Making Content Management efficient
Content management has been taking the weight on its shoulder for a long time to ensure that it stays relevant. However, the time has come when accept the issues it has and take charge of the situation. The medium is still relevant across various industries – but digital marketers need to ensure their content process becomes efficient and drives engagement.

4. Who is creating more content – Inbound Marketers
Content can become boring, but can never go out of fashion – hence, whether no matter how many pieces of content is created – 1 or several it is important that marketers continue to do so in 2017 and till the methodology becomes redundant.

Who is creating more content - Inbound Marketers5. Social Media Is going nowhere
As a marketer, while all of us have made the efforts of trying something other than social media to distribute content; the truth is clear social media is ‘the’ most important medium to reach out to the target audience. Map the audience well and it is a win-win situation.

Social Media Is going nowhere6. Content still ensures demand
From the outside it might appear that content is dying a slow death; however, the truth is that content is alive and kicking it – whether in the form of blogs, online newsletters etc. content is still a valuable medium for marketers. This holds true for B2B and B2C companies alike.

Content still ensures demand7. SEO has been forgotten
SEO is not passe and that is important to note. What is essential is that best SEO practices are adhered to, ensuring content is best utilized and campaigns function.

SEO has been forgotten
8. Give content access to POCs
Sales personnel are always the first and last point of contact to close any sale. However, they are mostly the ones who never get any access to the content published in the digital world. Give them access to the world of digital content and marketers will see the difference in sales volume in no matter of time.

Give content access to POCs
9. Personalize Content wherever required
Marketers need to understand that B2B and B2C clients are different. B2B digital sales volume come from the website directly hence ensuring that unique content is embedded on the website to engage with the buyers is imperative. Means could be anything – method needs to be personalized.

Personalize Content wherever required10. Invest in Talent – especially for Content
Content is nowhere close to being dead. More and more companies across the globe are hiring content marketers to ensure the relevance of their product/ service is depicted in the right manner. Hence, investing in the right talent for content will only ensure that things move in the right direction.

Invest in Talent _ especially for Content

Most of the trends listed here are already known to all, however implementing them on a daily basis is the key to success.

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

The last couple of years have been phenomenal – digital has taken over traditional mediums of communication and reinventing itself every minute. As the article is being penned, there are digital marketers sitting in the ‘think room’ coining new trends that will help their product/ service reach out to their audience.

The last year saw trends taking the segment by storm – that said it wouldn’t be wrong to say that 2016 was the year of videos. That said, trends change in the digital marketing space change faster than we can imagine, so here we are listing down some of the trends that would enhance the digital marketing segment in 2017.
1. Voice-Driven SEO
Technology never ceases to amaze us – who would have thought that you could search anything available on the internet by just speaking to your phone. Google Home, Amazon’s Echo, Ios’S Siri etc are the who have made it possible. However, the trick here is that no digital marketer has thought about how to make this experience better for their brand. Hence, they need to play around the idea of voice driven search results and ensure that analytics that come early could be used to their benefit.

Voice-Driven SEO2. Overcoming Ad Blocking
Man over machine is the concept of ad-blocking – over 400 million users on their handsets and 200 million on their desktop have started using ad blocks. While this has been a major concern for digital marketers, this is the year when they have to work around this problem instead of considering it a roadblock. How, when and why would depend on the way an advertisers look at the issue.

Overcoming Ad Blocking

3. Real-Time Social
Year 2016- Year of videos. Facebook launched the Facebook Live option which has put Facebook back on track with statistics like users watch live videos three times longer than the same videos when they aren’t live. 2017 is going to take it up from there and marketers just need to ensure that live streaming on social media could be used to their benefit.

Real-Time Social
4. Data Visualization
The attention span on a person on the internet is seconds, similarly trends on the internet also don’t last that long. Just 5 years back, the internet went crazy when infographics with illustrations and statistics was considered a visual delight. Circa 2017 – no one wants to see graphs and charts anymore – no matter how colourful they are. Digital Marketers, it is time to move further – tell your story in a more captivating manner. Therefore, in the year 2017 – Interactive data visualization is going to be a powerful tool for marketers.

Data Visualization
5. Expiring Social Content
Expiry dates not only need to read at grocery stores, but in the world of digital marketing as well. While, we all love to hold on to things – this is quite contrasting to personal experiences of memories being showcased on Facebook. From a purely business point of view, not all content needs to preserved forever and ever. This thought has brought a new concept of exploding content – which expires after a period of 24 hours. While Snapchat thought way ahead of time about it, other platforms are also bringing about this change. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and make the most of this concept.

Expiring Social Content

These are just some of the indicative trends that will rule the world of digital marketing in 2017. Some might do well, some really well, but the point is in a fast paced world, change is the only constant.