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10 Free Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

The Internet and its reachability have caused a big time impact in the marketing business. And being an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of every penny and every dollar. There are so many digital marketing tools available in the market that can impact your business which can add a significant factor to the core competency for your business success. Below are the top 10 online marketing tools useful for entrepreneurs.
Buffer for Social Media Management
This helps connecting multiple accounts to a single dashboard, post scheduling, creation of drip campaigns and analyses the success of your posts. This brings you an opportunity to mark your social presence by increasing the number of your followers and building your brand value.

Buffer for social media management

Hootsuite for Social Media Management
While Buffer brings to you a great platform for scheduling posts and bringing many followers, Hootsuite focuses on tapping into the central social management platform. The free plan of Hootsuite helps in syncing of three social media profiles which gives a boost start to many businesses.

Hootsuite for social media management

Make a logo using Spaces
Making logo happens to be one of the most important and critical aspect of marketing your business. You don’t need to hire a designer or waste your resources in order to make a perfect vision of your logo.

Spaces’ free logo maker

Easy designing using Canva
An easy and approachable way to make business marketing as wide and global is to make it through visual media. This helps new businesses to gain credibility. By using Canva, you can assist you with the free graphic design tools, illustrations and images from a wide pool of graphics you can drag and drop, and that too for free.


Using Evernote for Organization
Yes, each and every task while you are trying to stabilize your business is important, but one of the most important tasks would be to organize your data, task, plan, headed opportunities, trends and what not. Evernote stands out to be a perfect tool to store data and ideas for the purpose of competitive analysis and brainstorming.


Customer Feedback accounting using SurveyMonkey
All work and no feedback wouldn’t be just an utter waste of time and efforts, but it shall hinder you from making a customer growth. SurveyMonkey can help you to engage customers, collect customer information and uncover all kinds of trends.

Survey Monkey

Email Marketing using Mailchimp
One of the easiest email marketing tools for the newbies with excellent features, Mailchimp provides an exquisite opportunity for the brand. Email marketing is a source that helps to build intimate interaction between customers and brands and provides you an edge over just the normal interaction through social media sites.

Mail Chimp

Content pages extraction using web pages
Scraper is a tool one of its kind, which might help to pull out the content from the web pages and export it to an Excel spreadsheet. It happens to be a perfect way to extract information from your competitor’s data and use it for data-driven marketing tactics.


Information Security
One can never emphasize enough how important it is to secure the data that you have worked day and night to create and obtain. You can use Rapportive which is one of the strongest and most incredible digital marketing tools which syncs it with your Gmail account and helps you to search for almost anyone’s email address.


Growth Hacking using Sniply
The main concept behind Growth Hacking is to be able to share the content from one media source to other reputable experts in the industry. This might build trust with your audience and here a live example of a tool like this is Sniply, which allows you to put up an inbound button or a call-to-action into the frame inside the article
Although we covered all the context from email marketing to security, but the real truth is that digital marketing has its roots as widespread as you can think of. These are just the baby steps for you to build an empire of success.

Sniply for growth hacking

5 Unique Ways to Build your Brand like the Big Companies Do

We generally are always kicked up about the branded clothes, those well known dry cleaners, or large food chains running all over the world and what not? We often hold the idea that they have something for us that shall change the way we are looked at or received. Purchasing Branded Product gives us the sense of satisfaction, of buying something more valuable, owning something more than just stuff, owning a piece of the “BRAND”. These brands have a way of making you feel good, like you matter, as if you are their valued customer and somewhere in between, you believe that they care about you.

5-unique-ways-to-build-your-brand-like-the-big-companies-doHere is a unique method that has been devised for you to analyze as to how you can build something more than a company; something that gives your company a quality factor and makes it easier for you to relate to the consumer. You can term it as five senses method where you can answer the questions for yourself.
1. Your ears!
Does your website or store play some kind of weird music and can it be a kind to turn-off people? Who are your key customers and what kind of music should you play in order to attract them? And yeah, until and unless you are in the business of pet grooming, television sales, daycare or such , the sound of kids, dogs, shouting, etc. shouldn’t be heard. You have got to make the customer feel welcome, wanted, cared and bring about the notion that you are focused on him/her.

2. Your eyes!
Your website, restaurant, showroom, etc. should have the outlook to attract the customers. The template shouldn’t be from some historic past, until and unless it is as per a theme. Follow the color on your walls or websites, as per the country you are in and the kind of people you are trying to attract. Your place shouldn’t be dark, unless it is a pub or a bar designed for a specific category of people.

3. The tastebuds!
If you are in the business of restaurants or any kind of food chains, the food should appeal to the taste buds of your customers. But, if your business is slightly different than that, you should keep the furniture, décor & ambience in top shape. Keeping employees cheerful and in good shape also adds to the feeling of “good taste”. You don’t want to be the one owning a company where nothing or very little matches the name of business or the industry benchmarks.

4. The smell!
As it is said the sense of smell is said to be most primal and memorable, and that’s why we can always associate the smell of clothes, books, shoes and so many other things. It is important that the customers doesn’t smell anything unpleasant.It has been some time that online businesses have been trying to get the smell signal to the users.

5. The Touch and Feel!
The place/site should always look uncramped , comforting, inviting and pleasant. If a customer visits your showroom/site, navigation should be easy and get the customer to the desired spot conveniently. Internet follows a maximum ‘3 clicks’ protocol , i.e. all key products & information shall be available in ‘3 clicks’. The goal is not just to bring the customer once, but bring a smile on their faces so that they come again. It is the experience of buying that is equally important to the products.