Bigger Isn’t Always Better

In digital world, Bigger isn’t always better when it’s a matter of connecting with audience. The first step of every small business to track their digital marketing campaign’s success is to measure the number of impressions. Yes, you got it right; it implies the number of people who have actually seen their message which could be in the form of ad, text, image and video. However, this obviously doesn’t indicate any number of clicks made on the message.

Bigger is not always Better

Today, almost all online businesses often focus on above discussed measure i.e. volume of impressions which will in turn leads to volume of conversions. And for marketers, here is the trick to make use of brands’ presence in front of a customer. Impressions convert to clicks and clicks convert to conversions only when interactions are meaningful. Hope you all agree with the statement?
The art lies in achieving these meaningful interactions? So, here are few tips to know how “Bigger isn’t always better”.

Targeted efforts:

Target Audience

Let me explain with an example, say you put some Banners or Hoardings ad of your specific product (say colourful LED lights). Now, there is a huge traffic coming across that ad every day but the number of people noticing it and actually requiring these lights might be very low. You never know. Undoubtedly, the total reach of the message is high; however the actual number of meaningful interactions is low.
Same goes for Social media posts and ads. So, to play smart marketers need to start by understanding the audience, create meaningful content and then use targeting capabilities of all social media platforms.



Rightly said, “It’s not the matter of quantity; it’s the matter of quality”. For a reliable business, fans and followers are not always the only indicator of success as they can easily be manipulated. Lakhs of likes on Facebook page, Thousands of followers on Twitter page seems impressive, however what to do with this huge number if they are not genuine or interacting. So, there is no point of fooling ourselves with volume of connections. An account with lesser number of engaged followers is more valuable, if people who actually recall your brand, talk about your brand, share your messages, comments on what you say and also give feedback at times. These engaged fans are more prone to become your customer soon.

Write Meaningful:

Meaningful Content

Follow the tact of what to say, when to say, whom to say and how to say. This practice leads you to posting the content which your audience is interested to read. If you are a blogger, then trust me writing two blogs each week is more than enough if the content is compelling enough to drive traffic to your blog. For this, write what people are talking about in your blog category or write something so exciting that they start looking forward to your next blog. If you are writing social media post, keep it short, sweet and compelling.

Plan your Campaigns:
campaign Planning

Don’t forget the thumb rule of smart digital marketing, Bigger isn’t always better. This is true in campaign management because it doesn’t matter how much you spend to build your brand, what matters is the way you spend. This could be accomplished through careful observation of consumer behaviour, using the learning to plan your campaign and further A/B testing of your ads. Start with a small budget, plan your campaign and monitor CPA. Make sure, a business with high Return on Investment is always appreciated.

To sum up, in every way whatever you do to increase your digital presence, Bigger isn’t always better fits to each of the above examples. Now, the ball is in your court, it depends on you how you play. Please share with your network and feel free to comment if you want to share your ideas.

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