Content Marketing Innovation

The role of a content marketer is to fully exploit the intellectual capital of the organization to create awareness and educate people on products & services of the company. In the process of helping people, they increase sales of the organization.

The biggest challenge for a content marketer is to bring fresh and innovative content. Internet is piled up with huge content so it is difficult to get noticed unless you publish something different and interesting. People too get fed up with same kinds of things every day, they are looking for new information, ideas, concepts, etc, which they can use in their life and work. In today’s high competition world, innovation can help you get ahead of others.
Here are few innovative ideas that will improve your customer engagement and conversion rate.
Observe Your Target Audience – By observing people you will get an idea of their likes, inspiration, language, emotional connect and what make them smile and say wow! When you become aware of these things and new ideas will keep coming in your mind and you will create a loyal fan base.
Visualize Your Content – David Ogilvy has once said that “if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative”. No matter how good content you create, if your audience doesn’t like it, it is waste. Keep yourself at customer’s place and visualize your content and ask yourself, is it worth reading? Does it help me anyway?
Allow users to be a part of your content – Have you seen those TV advertisement asking you to create a slogan, provide feedback or be a part of brand promotion campaign? What do they do? They simply involve common people in their marketing & promotion activities and they get tremendous response. You can apply this successful strategy in your content too. Create content, ask customer for inputs to improve and apply those inputs. You can also invite people to showcase their knowledge and skills by creating content for you. Consider publishing interview of famous people of your industry on your website/blog.

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