Content Strategy

Content Strategy is all about planning for your digital content, its development, delivery and management. It has been seen that companies spend a good amount of time and money on building and maintaining a good website but pay less attention on its content which leads to increased bounce rate and decrease in web traffic.

Content Marketing

The simple solution of this issue is to hire a Digital Marketing Agency who has expertise in content strategy. There are many reputed Digital Marketing agency in India with good track record.
You might have read or heard that “Content is King” your content is as important as design of your website because it communicate with visitors and engage them. Websites with quality content gets good search engine ranking, good traffic and conversion rates. With Google Panda and Penguin updates it has become even more significant to make a good content strategy and apply it effectively.
Planning always comes first; you need to plan what kind of content to put and its position on website, SEO, research, target customers, location and frequency of content. As shown in the above image you should ask yourself six questions before starting any campaign, business or project, it is always better to start with complete preparation rather than improving it later. Someone has rightly said “Well Begun is half done”.
People often take Content Marketing and Content Strategy as one thing but they are two different task. The role of marketing and promotion comes when the content is already published and content strategy is the first step, it comes even before the content is created.
How a Content Strategy succeeds?
It is a million dollar question; everyone is planning, marketing and promoting their content but why some becomes successful and some other fails? Here we will discuss on what are the elements of a successful Content Strategy.
Research is the key, research on your customers, competitors, successful strategies and current trends. You should also keep an eye on what kinds of content is getting popular among your target audiences and over social media sites.
After research you have come up with a plan and you are pretty sure that it will work. Now it’s time to select right channels. The channels should be best fit for your content, business and customers, what has worked for others may not work for you so do not fall in temptation to choose a popular are most used methods. There are thousands of tools and resources online and offline for business. Be specific.
Link Building and promotion is a major component of Content Strategy, contact experts of your field, create back links, do promotion on social media. Connect with people who have huge fan following.
Content Strategy is a team work because content alone cannot become a king. Content planner should coordinate and work closely with other departments such as web designer, SEO experts, and marketing professionals. A combined effort always comes up with best results.

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