Digital Marketing Goals & Challenges

A Survey has been conducted by Stan Ventures on more than 500 digital marketers on their marketing goals, challenges and strategies for future. 41% of them said generating leads is their first priority. 27% of them put emphasis on increasing sales and remaining 17% wanted to improve brand awareness.
There are kinds of challenges faced by marketers. In B2B (Business to Business) industry generating enough leads and converting leads in to customer are the main challenges. In B2C (Business to Customer) measuring and maintaining good ROIis a big challenge.
In digital marketing various methods and tools are used such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc, to achieve above mentioned marketing goals. But there is confusion about which marketing channel is the best for lead generation and better ROI.
Consumer’s behavior has been changing with the increased digital media to gain information on various products and services and online price comparison. Now, marketers are focusing more on better ROI. Marketing strategies and campaigns are developed keeping in mind the ROI, they will achieve afterwards.
Marketers are focusing on the marketing channels that they understand is better in lead generation and ROI. 68% of marketers entirely depend on Email Marketing. It is the most cost effective medium of digital marketing. 49% marketers send five lakh emails per year. With the invention of social sharing buttons in email, effectiveness of Email Marketing has increased manifold.
86% of marketers are sure that Social Media Marketing gives good return on investment (ROI) and 57% of them have social media marketing team in their companies.

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