How to Create ads on Facebook

There are 4 types of facebook ads, before creating an ad, decide what kind of ad best suite you requirement.
• Market Place ads – It is the basic type of ad which generally small businesses opt for. It appears on the right side bar of Facebook newsfeed. It allows advertiser to decide the landing page, 25 characters headline, 90 characters short description and an image of 99px*72px.
• Page Post Ads – These are very effective ads as it appears on the newsfeed of a user. This is a new type of ad which let advertiser to include, Images, videos and links.
• Sponsored Stories – These ads appears in the newsfeed of a user when any of his friends got engaged with facebook page of a company. These ads are based on Mouth of Word (MOW) concept in which a person is believed to act upon the review and suggestion posted online.
• Promoted post – These ads appears on the page of a Fan and friends of fan. In this advertiser has to pay a flat amount to Facebook. It does not work on pay per click basis. These ads are same as Sponsored Stories but only the payment method is different.
No matter what kind of ads you are going to create among the above four, you have to follow the same steps, so for the time being things are simpler.
The first step in ads creation is to select objective. Facebook ads campaign serves various objectives, Select the objective you want to achieve though your facebook campaign. They are nine in numbers as per Facebook itself. We will discuss every objective, functions and techniques in details.
1- Boost your Post – You have created a business page on facebook for Brand promotion, brand awareness and you want to reach maximum numbers of people on facebook through you content, this is the option you can use to fulfill your objective.
First Step
Go to the right top side of you facebook page – Click on create ads – then select boost your post – You will find a box asking for page or URL – fill in the facebook page address or URL which you want to promote – Name your campaign
Second Step
In this step you will be asked to provide account details. Choose the Country, Currency of your country, and Time Zone.You can also Name your Account in show Advance Options. Move ahead to next step.
Third Step
This is the most important step, In this step you can customized your Facebook ads, Choose target audience based on demographic traits , interests and behavior.
First select the country, city you want to target your ads at – Choose the age range of you audience – Then comes Gender – choose the language, you can choose multiple languages – In more demographic field, you can filter audiences based on personal characteristics such as Relationship, Education, Work, Life Events, etc. As you fill in the blank spaces of field on the right side you will see the targeted audience details and number of potential audiences.
You can also target your audiences based on their interests. Choose specific interest and go ahead to Behavior field. This field show the activities of a person based on their page liking, interests, groups, etc.
Fourth Step
Choose how much you want to spend. In budget field there are 2 options per day and Life Time. Choose the amount you want to spend. Second field in this section is Schedule, with two options; either you can start your ad immediately or set a date range as per your budget.
In Show Advance options you can opt for biding as per your objective. If you want to increase clicks on your website choose optimize for clicks in this option you pay money to facebook when someone clicks on you ads. In optimized for impression option you pay per thousand impressions served.
In optimize for clicks biding option either you can choose automatically optimization option or manually set the price. Give a name to your ad.
Fifth Step 
In this step select an attractive image and text for better results. Now you are done with the ads creation. Go ahead and choose payment method. Facebook accept payment by debit, credit cards, PayPal, direct debit or redeem a coupon.
Click on the Review Order button to check the details and then click Place Order. Your ad is all set to go live

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