How to Get Influencer Work for Your Business

Word of Mouth publicity, peer recommendations and customer reviews influence a person’s purchasing decision greatly. As per McKinsey Study word of mouth generates twice sales than paid advertisement and customers acquired though this process has 37% higher retention rate.

Influencer Marketing

Rather than targeting the entire customer base some marketers focus on key individuals also called influencers for the marketing and promotion of their product and services. These individuals are experts in their fields and have good reputation among masses. This kind of marketing is called as ‘Influencer marketing’.

 Influencers can help you reaching to large target market and increasing your sales. BuzzSumo discovered in its study that a piece of content shared by influencers leads to 31.8% more social share on average. Influencers are more reliable and result oriented than other promotional activities.

Influencer marketing involves discovering and categorizing influencers as per their importance, it develops with interaction and engagement and the end goal is to make them a loyal advocate of the brand.

How to identify Influencer- One can identify influencer through social media tools, by industry specific keywords and through market research. They have some common traits as recognized by Keller & Berry.

1) They are activist and have huge social connections

2) They are appreciated and trusted by others

3) They are entertainer and educator

It is very important to have a significant influencer who you can relate to your brand for example if your company is a fashion brand, you may need a young

How to get influencer work for you

Build Relationship – The first step is to connect with influencers and show interest in their activities by liking and sharing their content. Once you have developed good understanding you can ask them to help you.

 Create Quality Content – Influencers are often in search of engaging content to share it within their social circle. You can help them and yourself by supply quality and relevant content.

Start partnerships – A joint venture is a good idea, it will increase the involvement and make the influencer more accountable. You can start with small things such as co – authored posts and infographics.

Set mutual beneficial goals – If you want to have good lasting relationship with your influencers offer some incentive for their efforts. It will not only inspire them and they will become your loyal fans. Common goals are often self motivating factors which pave the path of success and satisfaction.

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