How to use YouTube for Business

Have you ever promoted your business through videos? If not then you are losing on a big opportunity. Videos are more attractive and engaging than text and they cast lasting impression on the minds of viewers. One minute length video is equal to 1.8 million words as per researchers of Forrester. To understand the importance of video marketing let’s have a look on some amazing statistics.

Video Marketing

=> More than  hundred million people watch online videos daily

=> 90% of online shoppers find product videos helpful and take decision accordingly

=> YouTube is the major search engine in the world after Google

=> An average internet user consumes around 32 videos per month

=> 80% of internet users retain videos ads after watching it

=> YouTube gets 72 hours of videos every minutes and 4 billion view per day

If you can add some fun and humor along with information in your video, it can become popular on YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. Video content can widen you reach and increase the traffic of your website tremendously.

When used in Email Marketing it increases open rates by 5.6% and click through rate by 96%. As per SEO experts video contents improve the ranking of a site and they are easily searchable, usually comes before the text in search engines.

How to use videos in business

=> Launch and promote a new product or service with video content. A video Press Release is a good idea.

=> Provide a video demonstration on how to use them, it is also called video white paper

=> Encourage your fans & followers to give video testimonials and invite new customers to upload videos of products. Customer Testimonials are the best way to create faith in a brand

=> Similarly Success Stories videos are great way to build good brand image and loyal customers

=> Case Study videos are published to create brand awareness and familiarity with customers

=> Positive product reviews are helpful in increasing sales and revenue of the company

=> You can also use customer service videos to win the confidence of people

=> If your company conducts any event, it should be uploaded on the website of the company.

Video Marketing is gaining popularity rapidly, if would be more prevalent in coming years. Major social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc are encouraging video content so investing in video marketing will surely give you the reward.


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