Signs you’re a Better Digital Marketer than You Thought

The prime objective of digital marketing is to promote a brand using various digital technologies thereby building a brand preference and engaging with customers so as to retain them and increase the sales.

It could be through video marketing like traditional TV or online video marketing, mobile (SMS, MMS) or on social media and like. Though you may already be using some of them but may still have doubts whether you are doing it right. Consider the following points and if you can relate to a few of them then you are definitely better at it than you consider yourself to be.

  1. Video marketing & SEO, SEM:

You know about YouTube marketing, viral video marketing and basically understand everything related to marketing your online video content. You do know the acronyms like SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-which was there since the beginning of internet search and SEM- Search Engine Marketing.

Video Marketing

  1. Content marketing:

You write about something and that’s published online? Well this doesn’t include your personal tweets or Facebook posts but does cover someone or you yourself promoting links to your article on your blog (of few hundred words) to the relevant audience. This is called Content Marketing and the skills that help publishing that article are the ones involved in the success of digital brands.

Content Marketing

  1. Efficient user of GOOGLE:

Among all the search engines, Google remains to be the forefront runner and if you are a thorough user of Google you are too good at digital marketing.

You have listed your business on Google My Business, have created and regularly posting on your Google+ Page, using Google webmaster tools, Google AdWords, keeping a watch on Google Trends and using Google Analytics to analyze your performance. But then again, if you use Bing for all of them, you are still good at digital marketing.

Efficient user of GOOGLE

  1. Facebook:

No doubt you’re a Facebook user and you do a lot on it like posting status, pictures, but this is just not enough.  If you are using Facebook for promoting your business, using tools to reach more audience, posting ads on Facebook to reach your relevant audience, have joined groups and are actively participating in them, then you are using the most of it for business gains.

Facebook - trootrac

  1. You do not go for obvious keyword stuffing:

Earlier businesses used to stuff keywords on their websites to promote and build preferences to their products. But with time, all this has changed. Search Engines consider too much keyword stuffing as spam and this can affect your website ranking as also your keywords appearance in searches. Put more relevant content where keywords have been used as per the guidelines of search engines.

keyword stuffing

  1. Website conversion:

A very important factor contributing to achieving your online marketing goals is Website / blog Conversion. This does not necessarily means that every visitor coming on your website should buy something or subscribe, but there are various other activities that you can involve them with, like signing up of your newsletter, commenting on your blogs, fill out a contact form, download any relevant document from your website, visiting and following you on social media etc.

Website Conversion

  1. “Content is king” and you believe it:

Bill gates published- “content is king” way back in 1996. You realize that content is, truly, king and are working in the right direction by posting relevant content at social media, blogs, articles, website, then you are heading in the right direction.

  1. You can explain what a blog is!

‘Blog’ only showed up in the dictionary in 1999. If you can explain what it means to your grandmother then you definitely have loads of potential to be a great digital marketer. You understand the difference between a blog and an article and your blogs can bind the reader to read till the end, then you are good at it.


  1. You have Snapchat on your phone:

Snapchat has been a fast growing social network and you were so curious that you have it installed on your device even though you don’t use it. This says that you are eager to know digital marketing and an early adopter. Start using Snapchat as pictures are a great medium to connect with people.


Thus, if you can relate to the points mentioned above and are already using all/most/some of them, then you are on the right track. Keep working towards your goal and you will certainly achieve it in due course. Do keep yourself updated with latest trends in Digital Marketing. This Blog is certainly one of the best in the market for that purpose.


Benefits of User Generated Content

If you have run out of unique ideas for your blog, User Generated Content is the survival strategy for you. User Generated Content is an online content, submitted to a site by its member/ customer. This content can be in text, audio, videos or image format.

Content Marketing

User generated content platform utilizes communities to provide maximum benefits to a site. It connects members and contributors in a way that both feel a sense of belonging to each others. Wikipedia and YouTube are fine examples of user-generated content. Tumblr and Pinterest also use such content to enrich their sites.

Benefits of User Generated Content

1. It enhances credibility and reputation of a brand.

2. Strengthens customer relations and encourage loyalty.

3. Increases sales and saves time & money.

4. Promotes Brand personalization & customer participation.

5. It improves the website traffic and ranking.

Examples of user-generated content

Limeroad – Limeroad, an online woman lifestyle brand is a 100% which uses a unique concept to engage its customers. The users can create fashion board to showcase different styles. In her interview to Suchi Mukharjee, the CEO of Limeroad told that “We have one million scrapbook looks every month from its users,” The Company has recently raised $45 million and gross merchandise value of the company has grown tremendously.

 White Cup contest of Starbucks – Starbucks asked its customers to paint white cups of Starbucks and upload their photos to social media sites with #WhiteCupContest. The result of the contest was impressive, the brand got loads of wonderful images for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages and social media reach of the brand also increased.

Microsoft Mobile Resolution contest – People generally keep the resolution which they publically make. Inspired by this idea, Microsoft Mobile has started a user generated content campaign, in which people need to announce their resolution for 2015 on the website or Facebook page of the brand with #MakeItHappen. Microsoft selected one resolution every day from 1st of December to 31st December, 2014 and to help its customers in achieving those resolutions. The contest has resulted in good customer engagement.

User Generated Content Platform facilitates websites with a variety of tools and apps to help users upload any kind of content. Here are some of the best user-generated content platforms.

Agorapulse is good and user-friendly website with an extensive range of services.You get many interesting apps and Facebook Services in it. These apps are mobile optimized and you can also track the statistics.

SnapApp is an interactive content creation platform with excellent User Generated Content (UGC) options. It provides you the option to embed contests on your websites and Facebook pages and these contests are responsive on mobile and tablets as well. offers robust services to handle large contests and it is easy to use. It also gives you the option to view insights and statics. You can run various contests and sweepstakes across all social media sites.