5 Unique Ways to Build your Brand like the Big Companies Do

We generally are always kicked up about the branded clothes, those well known dry cleaners, or large food chains running all over the world and what not? We often hold the idea that they have something for us that shall change the way we are looked at or received. Purchasing Branded Product gives us the sense of satisfaction, of buying something more valuable, owning something more than just stuff, owning a piece of the “BRAND”. These brands have a way of making you feel good, like you matter, as if you are their valued customer and somewhere in between, you believe that they care about you.

5-unique-ways-to-build-your-brand-like-the-big-companies-doHere is a unique method that has been devised for you to analyze as to how you can build something more than a company; something that gives your company a quality factor and makes it easier for you to relate to the consumer. You can term it as five senses method where you can answer the questions for yourself.
1. Your ears!
Does your website or store play some kind of weird music and can it be a kind to turn-off people? Who are your key customers and what kind of music should you play in order to attract them? And yeah, until and unless you are in the business of pet grooming, television sales, daycare or such , the sound of kids, dogs, shouting, etc. shouldn’t be heard. You have got to make the customer feel welcome, wanted, cared and bring about the notion that you are focused on him/her.

2. Your eyes!
Your website, restaurant, showroom, etc. should have the outlook to attract the customers. The template shouldn’t be from some historic past, until and unless it is as per a theme. Follow the color on your walls or websites, as per the country you are in and the kind of people you are trying to attract. Your place shouldn’t be dark, unless it is a pub or a bar designed for a specific category of people.

3. The tastebuds!
If you are in the business of restaurants or any kind of food chains, the food should appeal to the taste buds of your customers. But, if your business is slightly different than that, you should keep the furniture, décor & ambience in top shape. Keeping employees cheerful and in good shape also adds to the feeling of “good taste”. You don’t want to be the one owning a company where nothing or very little matches the name of business or the industry benchmarks.

4. The smell!
As it is said the sense of smell is said to be most primal and memorable, and that’s why we can always associate the smell of clothes, books, shoes and so many other things. It is important that the customers doesn’t smell anything unpleasant.It has been some time that online businesses have been trying to get the smell signal to the users.

5. The Touch and Feel!
The place/site should always look uncramped , comforting, inviting and pleasant. If a customer visits your showroom/site, navigation should be easy and get the customer to the desired spot conveniently. Internet follows a maximum ‘3 clicks’ protocol , i.e. all key products & information shall be available in ‘3 clicks’. The goal is not just to bring the customer once, but bring a smile on their faces so that they come again. It is the experience of buying that is equally important to the products.

Five digital trends for retail in the next five years.

With the growing technology advancements and variations in the techniques of marketing, digital marketing has emerged quite successful. Ecommerce and retail are up for dramatic industry shift, especially, in context of digital marketing strategies. Consumers & buyers are perpetually seeking more value and the marketing industry is just about coping up. Here are five digital trends for retail which will help then serve their consumer better.

1. Focusing on micro moments
Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. (source:google). Nowadays, an average person spends approximately 3-4 hours on their mobile phones. The moment they check phones to gain knowledge, navigate themselves, check for the best offers or browse through social media, retail marketers have an opportunity to marketing their brand. The key to own these micro moments is to identify what the consumer is looking for in those moments.

Focusing on micro moments

2. Brands know where you live.
Thanks to Uber and Deliveroo, we are used to giving out our locations on a frequent basis. Along with using heuristic solutions to know what we browse, brands will be able to track down our home address and the ultra target marketing will be directed straight to our mobile phones. For instance, if you’ve missed buying the shirt you loved due to your low budget or other distractions, no need to worry as the BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology knows exactly how much time you spent contemplating it. Which means that in turn you’ll receive a luring offer or a reminder of the purchase long after you’ve left the shop.

Brands know where you live

3. Personalized platform
In the emerging market, buyers prefer a personalized shopping platform and personalization plays a big role in shortening the decision making of buyers. Many brands do this with email marketing and re-marketing. Use of this will improve and continue to increase. For retail, this means, on site personalization. This could be personal shopping guide, an online personal stylist and so on. This strategy will effectively engage the buyers thus resulting in greater impact of the brand.

Mobile for advertising

4. Mobile for advertising
Mobile marketing is current & growing trend due to the increased usage of wireless technology and mobile phones. It is predicted the usage of mobile advertising shall continue to grow over the years. In-app advertising is the new trend, direct conversations between brand and consumers will become the norm. Not only will it benefit the retailer but also the consumer to great levels.

Digital assistants

5. Digital assistants
The digital assistant as the name suggest shall assist our shopping activity and aim to shorten our decision mainly for shopping . Like Siri, these assistants could have many advanced features including but not limited to filtering out wrong sizes and other unwanted things and making the shopping experience convenient.


Best ways of Brand Building

Brand Building is a process of creating faith of people in your brand by promoting its values such as quality, reliability and customer service. The promotion is done through various online & offline methods, such as ads on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Social Media Campaigns, Search engine marketing, and many more. Your brand is what people think and say about it. It may be positive or negative depending on quality of your product and services.


Apart from providing quality product and excellent customer service, you need to take some extra measures to remain ahead of competition. People often talk about Brand Building but they don’t know how to do it. In Today’s highly competitive world, where every company is doing marketing & promotion, it is difficult to create unique identity.Digital Marketing Agencies can help you a lot as they have expertise in this field. You can yourself try below given tips to gain some advantage.

The first step of the Brand Building ‘Customer Awareness’ can be easily achieved through promotion; People get the information that there is a company who deals in xyz products or services. But they will hesitate to trust you as you are new and have no awareness in the market. Promotion is a promise and promise raises expectation of customers. Therefore promises should be kept in every situation for good market reputation. For example if you are an antivirus brand and your product ad promises to eliminate virus from a PC then it should do so in reality.

Humanize your Brand – Man is a social creature and he is made of emotions, faith, beliefs, etc. If you can create a human persona and emotional bond with your customers, they will remain loyal with you and expand your customer base with word of mouth publicity. So your efforts should be on building long lasting relationship with customer rather than short term benefits. There are several ways to humanize a brand, you can replace interactive voice response (IVR) with a customer service representative, Engage with people on social media and make an emotional relationship.

Increase the visibility of your brand – Brand building is an ongoing process so you have to increase and maintain the visibility of your brand both online and offline. Social media marketing, SEO and email marketing are great ways to increase reach and visibility of your brand. Organizing and participating in to social events, making partnerships and providing services to big brands boost the reputation of your company.

Integrate you brand with a social cause – It has been seen that brands who support a social cause get overwhelming emotional response from people. They get permanent place in the heart and mind of people. Businesses can donate a portion of their profit to a nonprofit organization working for social welfare. As per a research 88% of people prefer to buy a product with social benefits and 84% of people do word of mouth publicity for these products.

To summarize brand is not just a logo, tag line or mission statement of a company, it is build by customers. So Always listen and respond to the people.  If you keep your customer satisfied, numbers will automatically increase