Content Curation

Content curation is an art of collecting, analyzing, organizing, and displaying relevant information in a customized and striking mode.  A content curator chooses high quality content on a specific theme from various sources on the internet, polishes it and after adding his own views shares it with his audiences. We often share informative links within our friend circle with our comments through social media sites, retweeting on Twitter or re blogging on WordPress and blogs, all these activities come under Content Curation.  Museums and galleries have been using this concept from a long time to showcase best quality content to visitors. Businesses are applying content curation for marketing and promotion.

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Why Content Curation is Important

Information is growing at a very rapid pace in digital world but not all the information is usable. People search lucid, succinct and relevant information but it is very time consuming and effort taking because internet is over flowing with information.  So people use content curation software, website, etc.

Curata has done a survey in 2012 on content curation use on 400+ marketers and found that 95% of marketers are using content curation and 56% of them accept that finding a high quality and relevant content on internet is their biggest marketing challenge.

Last year (2013) conducted a survey on 131 US marketers which again established the importance of Content Curation. Result of the survey is given below.

74% of Marketers admit that they use Content Curation in their content strategy

54% says that automation is important for effective Content Curation

73% of marketers have included Content Curation in their marketing mix strategy

Trust Factor

Curator studies available information on a theme on internet then selects best of it, organizes it and presents it in an easy to understand manner, he becomes an authority on those subjects people look at him for advice, clarification, etc.

Content Curation tools

There are various tools available in the markets, given below are some of the top content curation tools:

Curation Suite

It is a simple and fast tool which has been recently introduced in the market. It is basically built for WordPress. It is a great tool to find quality content by using inbuilt shortcuts, you can save your valuable time. You can cite content, everything is visual, and it lets you build single source curation or multi source curation.

You can curate everything ranging from text to images videos and even social updates. Curation Suite lets you edit visual with efficient inbuilt editor.  Price of Curation Suite is $147, it is one-time payment. It also gives 30 days money back guarantee.


Listly is a perfect tool for promotion of your business. Simplicity is the chief asset of Listly. It permits you to create lists where you and other people can add their favorite content around the globe. Listly charges $9.99/month for its services which gives you Advance Moderation, premium layouts and draft mode for your list.


Storify is a bit more professional and well integrated with social media sites. It gives vast search experience. Its editor is efficient and simplified with drag and drop facility you can create media rich content without any knowledge of coding. It premium version provides real time updates, Google Analytics, SEO compatibility, etc.  To know the pricing of premium services you have to you need to contact them directly.


This is a company is being managed by some big names who have previously worked with Microsoft and Google. You can discover fresh and quality content using Curata. Resource section, webmaster and marketers are added in the tool for the benefit of customers without any charge. You can watch live demo too. With Curata you can easily annotate, organize and share content.


It is a leading brand in cloud based video curation. With Magnify you can curate, upload and aggregate content. It collects data from all sources around the world. It works with some big names like TechCrunch, Mashable and wired to provide quality service to its customers.

Content Marketing Metrics

After realizing the importance of content marketing you must have created quality content, published and promoted it. Now it’s the time to measure the performance of your content marketing campaign, it’s not an easy task; marketers use various metrics to judge the performance of content marketing, still they are not fully convinced and come up with questions like am I missing out on any metrics? Are the reports accurate? Metrics should be in accordance with the objectives of the company.  The Objectives differs so does the metrics. However there are some common objectives and metrics used by almost every company.

In a survey conducted on B2B and B2C marketers, 73 % marketers stated that brand awareness is the main objective of their content marketing campaign however they only use page view and unique visitor metrics which does not fully measure brand awareness objective. One metric is not enough.

To develop lasting relationship with audiences and to create and maintain good brand image it is necessary to pay attention on other metrics which has been undervalued previously.

This blog gives the description of some of the important metrics used to judge the performance of content marketing. Following are the four essential metrics which are essential to measure your content marketing campaign’s success:
content marketing metrics

Consumption Metrics

It is basic content marketing metrics which can be easily tracked by using Google Analytics and other similar tools. Page views, downloads are some of the examples of consumption metrics.

Sharing Metrics

It is the real test of your content. It displays how successful you are in attracting consumers. It is often determined by likes, shares and recommendations on social media sites such as FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and many more.  One of the best ways to measure sharing metrics is through Google Social Reports which gives you report of all social media actives on your webpage across internet.

3 Lead Generation Metrics

It is very important metrics. It captures interest of consumer on a particular service or product. The objective of lead generation is to increase revenue of a company through sales. Leads can come through various sources such as referral, advertisements, content marketing word of mouth, internet, email marketing . You can find out leads through online form, registration or set a browser cookie to track how many people fill the lead form after consuming your content.

Sales Metrics

Now it’s time to measure the result after all the hard work. Sales is the most important aspect of almost every organization. It can be tracked though Google Analytics. How many visitors consume your content? How many leads got converted into sale? These are some of the questions which measure the success of your content marketing campaign.

Apart from there are other metrics which can help in measuring the success of your content marketing campaign:

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is a term used when a brand becomes popular among public, when it earns good reputation and perception among customers. But how do you measure brand promotion? You cannot read any one’s mind. Google Consumer surveyand BuzzFeed reader surveyare very useful to measure brand promotion campaign. One can also find out through social media platforms. Do People recognize your brand? Does your content is encouraging people to buy your company’s product? Has your content marketing campaign enhanced the brand image of your company? Answers of these questions summarize the success of your brand awareness campaign.

Time of Engagement 

Engaged time tells you how well you’re content is performing but according to Eloqua survey only 27% of marketers are tracking down content engagement time. Most of the marketers track “time spent on site” which actually measures the performance of website on specifically performance of content. Engaged time metric finds out if customer is reading your content, viewing it, scrolling, and clicking.

New Visitors

One most important purpose of business is to increase sales and that is only possible when you attract new customers.Unique visitor, bounce rate, physical location, interest and behavior are the metrics for extracting valuable information which can be used to improve the performance.

Search engine optimization

It is very important factor of content marketing. Top searched keywords are used for good ranking and maximum traffic.  If your content marketing campaign has improved the ranking of your website site its mean you are doing well at this front.

Returning Visitors & Loyalty

Getting traffic to your website is like one night stand and if you want to build lasting relationship, you need to retain them and make them loyal. These metrics track how many and how often your visitor come back to your site? When a visitor comes back it means he is interested and may become your customer. Loyalty metrics tells you how often a visitor comes to your site this metric is called frequency and can easily be tracked in Google Analytics.

A Digital Marketing agency can help you in your content marketing campaign and in measuring these campaigns accurately. Delhi has some of the top Digital Marketing Agencies who have expertise in this field and they can help you in achieving in your marketing goals.