Signs you’re a Better Digital Marketer than You Thought

The prime objective of digital marketing is to promote a brand using various digital technologies thereby building a brand preference and engaging with customers so as to retain them and increase the sales.

It could be through video marketing like traditional TV or online video marketing, mobile (SMS, MMS) or on social media and like. Though you may already be using some of them but may still have doubts whether you are doing it right. Consider the following points and if you can relate to a few of them then you are definitely better at it than you consider yourself to be.

  1. Video marketing & SEO, SEM:

You know about YouTube marketing, viral video marketing and basically understand everything related to marketing your online video content. You do know the acronyms like SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-which was there since the beginning of internet search and SEM- Search Engine Marketing.

Video Marketing

  1. Content marketing:

You write about something and that’s published online? Well this doesn’t include your personal tweets or Facebook posts but does cover someone or you yourself promoting links to your article on your blog (of few hundred words) to the relevant audience. This is called Content Marketing and the skills that help publishing that article are the ones involved in the success of digital brands.

Content Marketing

  1. Efficient user of GOOGLE:

Among all the search engines, Google remains to be the forefront runner and if you are a thorough user of Google you are too good at digital marketing.

You have listed your business on Google My Business, have created and regularly posting on your Google+ Page, using Google webmaster tools, Google AdWords, keeping a watch on Google Trends and using Google Analytics to analyze your performance. But then again, if you use Bing for all of them, you are still good at digital marketing.

Efficient user of GOOGLE

  1. Facebook:

No doubt you’re a Facebook user and you do a lot on it like posting status, pictures, but this is just not enough.  If you are using Facebook for promoting your business, using tools to reach more audience, posting ads on Facebook to reach your relevant audience, have joined groups and are actively participating in them, then you are using the most of it for business gains.

Facebook - trootrac

  1. You do not go for obvious keyword stuffing:

Earlier businesses used to stuff keywords on their websites to promote and build preferences to their products. But with time, all this has changed. Search Engines consider too much keyword stuffing as spam and this can affect your website ranking as also your keywords appearance in searches. Put more relevant content where keywords have been used as per the guidelines of search engines.

keyword stuffing

  1. Website conversion:

A very important factor contributing to achieving your online marketing goals is Website / blog Conversion. This does not necessarily means that every visitor coming on your website should buy something or subscribe, but there are various other activities that you can involve them with, like signing up of your newsletter, commenting on your blogs, fill out a contact form, download any relevant document from your website, visiting and following you on social media etc.

Website Conversion

  1. “Content is king” and you believe it:

Bill gates published- “content is king” way back in 1996. You realize that content is, truly, king and are working in the right direction by posting relevant content at social media, blogs, articles, website, then you are heading in the right direction.

  1. You can explain what a blog is!

‘Blog’ only showed up in the dictionary in 1999. If you can explain what it means to your grandmother then you definitely have loads of potential to be a great digital marketer. You understand the difference between a blog and an article and your blogs can bind the reader to read till the end, then you are good at it.


  1. You have Snapchat on your phone:

Snapchat has been a fast growing social network and you were so curious that you have it installed on your device even though you don’t use it. This says that you are eager to know digital marketing and an early adopter. Start using Snapchat as pictures are a great medium to connect with people.


Thus, if you can relate to the points mentioned above and are already using all/most/some of them, then you are on the right track. Keep working towards your goal and you will certainly achieve it in due course. Do keep yourself updated with latest trends in Digital Marketing. This Blog is certainly one of the best in the market for that purpose.


How to get on the top of Google Search

Google processes over 45,000 queries every second across the world. It works like an answer machine providing information on almost everything. Google accounts of 68% of web searches around the world. Getting on the first page of Google search and especially in top five is the dream of every website owner as it means massive traffic which leads to huge revenue. Though it is not an easy task yet it can be achieved by following Google webmaster guidelines and applying best practices of SEO.

google search

You need to understand on what parameters Google Ranks websites. There are 200 factors involved in the ranking of a website which Google never reveals and keeps changing frequently; however it gives some hints by which one can improve the ranking of a website. While fetching search results Google considers three things relevancy, popularity and high quality content. Working on below given things helps.

Domain Age– Older websites gets some edge over newer ones in Google Ranking

Use of Keywords – Keywords used in domain name, URL, title, and description make the website appear in the search engines quite often with good position.

Keyword Density – It is a ratio of keyword used in total number of words in a piece of content. Overuse of a keyword can make you appear a spam. Google recommends 1-2 % of Keyword density.

Page Loading Speed –it is an important factor in ranking further speedy loading sites adds to good customer experience.

Content Quality –Search engines like quality content, duplicate or identical content can hamper the visibility of your site.

Fresh content –If you keep your site updated with fresh content on regular interval, ranking of your site will surely improve.

Rich Media Content –Image, videos and other multimedia content not only attract traffic but also send a quality content signal to search engines.

Mobile Optimization – A mobile friendly site gets good ranking and traffic on search engines as most of the people now access internet from their smart phones.

Backlinks –Links which direct a person to a particular site is called Backlinks. Numbers of Backlinks shows the popularity of a website resulting more traffic and visibility.

Social Media Optimization – Promoting your stuff on social media is very important. Major social channels are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus; they can increase the traffic of your website drastically. Social Media also helps in gaining more visibility in search engines.

Content Marketing Tips

Whether you have a well establish business or a new venture, your content marketing strategies need to be improved continuously for better results. As with passing time you will have more competitors in the market and what has worked well in the past may not work effectively. In a survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute, 70% marketers said that they are creating more content than last year. It’s really very stiff competition.

Content Marketing

No matter what kind of strategy you adopt, it will contain four steps. You need to do well in all the stages. The Four steps of Content Marketing Strategy are:

1) Creating

2) Publishing

3) Promoting

4) Measuring

Creating an excellent content marketing plan is mandatory to beat the competition. Planning is the initial stage of success. Innovative ideas and different concepts make a company attract customers and boost revenue. If you don’t have any new ideas, keep on reading the blog. After completion, you will find many of your questions answered.

Content Marketers should never divert from basics, they are essentials. With a weak foundation a building cannot stand tall for long. To make sure that you know your basics, ask yourself following questions.

=> What I want to achieve with content marketing? You should exactly know your goals

=> Who are my target audiences? Plan should be customized for your audience

=> What types of contents are best fit for my audiences? It is a matter of research.

=> What content management system (CMS) will fulfill all my business needs? Once again it’s a matter of research and testing.

I am sure above four questions will help you in understand the basics of your business and come up with a plan. If you don’t have large audience on your website, there may be two reasons, either visibility of your website is low or content is not useful and irrelevant. In both the cases you need to proactively approach target customers. There are hundreds of ways to reach your customer through content. Some of them are listed below.

1) Case Studies

2) EBooks

3) Newsletter

4) Apps & online games

5) Infographics

6) White Papers

7) Surveys

8) Press Releases

You can also use mind mapping and brainstorming methods to generate new ideas. Once you are all set with plan and content, it’s time to make a make a content marketing calendar. Make sure your calendar is made keeping in mind important dates and festivals & holidays which cast huge impact on the sales figure.


On online marketing is proliferating briskly in India and the market is flooded with brands. Digital marketing is the most extensive and sought after technique implemented as the present day marketing strategy. A precise and appealingly crafted content speaks volumes about the brand. This content marketing is not a cake walk; it demands a lot of prepping and strategizing to get the brand into success cadre. Tracking the campaign and analyzing result for how well the content marketing facets have struck a chord with the customers are necessary to amend the flaws to eventually strike success .One has to keep a checklist of the metrics that need to be tracked to analyze the success of content marketing:

Content Marketing



The crux of content marketing is to engage the potential consumer pool, inform them about the differentiator in your business as also the new initiatives, customer orientation and service strengths etc., attain popularity and eventually turn these viewers to loyal customers. This requires you to keep a tally of page views, what is being viewed, what is being commented on, liked or shared; what is not pulling traffic etc.  A track of all this and its analysis will help decoding the ace approach.


This gives the statistics of the people who left the site from the page they landed on without viewing the rest. This brings out the fact, whether the targeting of the campaign is right or if right, the content is gravitating traffic or not. The content must be such that it keeps the viewers inquisitive and is interesting to read so that they look forward to more from you.


Instead of getting a huge number of page views, it is more important to increase the views of the right(target) audience. The marketing efforts should  attract and engage the target audience. This is one of the metrics that totally speaks about your marketing efforts, if or not those are in the required direction.


It is very important that the site or social engagement pages do not carry any mistakes and are updated regularly. The content if not regularly added or if no innovative ideas are used to keep the customers engaged, then it is quite natural that visitors shall find something more interesting to do.


The ‘viewer/visitor’s comment is an important metric as it reveals their thoughts about the subject as also what more they could be looking forward to. Working on people’s feedback, acknowledging their comments, answering their questions will keep bringing them back and result in getting more engagement from them and would eventually convert them to customers and if already customers then loyal ones.

Thus ,  the digital marketing companies in India need to improvise on content marketing by keeping a  track with the latest online marketing trends in India and do whatever is required to stand apart amidst the crowd.  Apart from Trootrac in India there are a few entities worldwide who understand the subject really well and the marketer shall be served well to develop contact/s with the relevant parties.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

In digital world, Bigger isn’t always better when it’s a matter of connecting with audience. The first step of every small business to track their digital marketing campaign’s success is to measure the number of impressions. Yes, you got it right; it implies the number of people who have actually seen their message which could be in the form of ad, text, image and video. However, this obviously doesn’t indicate any number of clicks made on the message.

Bigger is not always Better

Today, almost all online businesses often focus on above discussed measure i.e. volume of impressions which will in turn leads to volume of conversions. And for marketers, here is the trick to make use of brands’ presence in front of a customer. Impressions convert to clicks and clicks convert to conversions only when interactions are meaningful. Hope you all agree with the statement?
The art lies in achieving these meaningful interactions? So, here are few tips to know how “Bigger isn’t always better”.

Targeted efforts:

Target Audience

Let me explain with an example, say you put some Banners or Hoardings ad of your specific product (say colourful LED lights). Now, there is a huge traffic coming across that ad every day but the number of people noticing it and actually requiring these lights might be very low. You never know. Undoubtedly, the total reach of the message is high; however the actual number of meaningful interactions is low.
Same goes for Social media posts and ads. So, to play smart marketers need to start by understanding the audience, create meaningful content and then use targeting capabilities of all social media platforms.



Rightly said, “It’s not the matter of quantity; it’s the matter of quality”. For a reliable business, fans and followers are not always the only indicator of success as they can easily be manipulated. Lakhs of likes on Facebook page, Thousands of followers on Twitter page seems impressive, however what to do with this huge number if they are not genuine or interacting. So, there is no point of fooling ourselves with volume of connections. An account with lesser number of engaged followers is more valuable, if people who actually recall your brand, talk about your brand, share your messages, comments on what you say and also give feedback at times. These engaged fans are more prone to become your customer soon.

Write Meaningful:

Meaningful Content

Follow the tact of what to say, when to say, whom to say and how to say. This practice leads you to posting the content which your audience is interested to read. If you are a blogger, then trust me writing two blogs each week is more than enough if the content is compelling enough to drive traffic to your blog. For this, write what people are talking about in your blog category or write something so exciting that they start looking forward to your next blog. If you are writing social media post, keep it short, sweet and compelling.

Plan your Campaigns:
campaign Planning

Don’t forget the thumb rule of smart digital marketing, Bigger isn’t always better. This is true in campaign management because it doesn’t matter how much you spend to build your brand, what matters is the way you spend. This could be accomplished through careful observation of consumer behaviour, using the learning to plan your campaign and further A/B testing of your ads. Start with a small budget, plan your campaign and monitor CPA. Make sure, a business with high Return on Investment is always appreciated.

To sum up, in every way whatever you do to increase your digital presence, Bigger isn’t always better fits to each of the above examples. Now, the ball is in your court, it depends on you how you play. Please share with your network and feel free to comment if you want to share your ideas.