Five digital trends for retail in the next five years.

With the growing technology advancements and variations in the techniques of marketing, digital marketing has emerged quite successful. Ecommerce and retail are up for dramatic industry shift, especially, in context of digital marketing strategies. Consumers & buyers are perpetually seeking more value and the marketing industry is just about coping up. Here are five digital trends for retail which will help then serve their consumer better.

1. Focusing on micro moments
Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. (source:google). Nowadays, an average person spends approximately 3-4 hours on their mobile phones. The moment they check phones to gain knowledge, navigate themselves, check for the best offers or browse through social media, retail marketers have an opportunity to marketing their brand. The key to own these micro moments is to identify what the consumer is looking for in those moments.

Focusing on micro moments

2. Brands know where you live.
Thanks to Uber and Deliveroo, we are used to giving out our locations on a frequent basis. Along with using heuristic solutions to know what we browse, brands will be able to track down our home address and the ultra target marketing will be directed straight to our mobile phones. For instance, if you’ve missed buying the shirt you loved due to your low budget or other distractions, no need to worry as the BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology knows exactly how much time you spent contemplating it. Which means that in turn you’ll receive a luring offer or a reminder of the purchase long after you’ve left the shop.

Brands know where you live

3. Personalized platform
In the emerging market, buyers prefer a personalized shopping platform and personalization plays a big role in shortening the decision making of buyers. Many brands do this with email marketing and re-marketing. Use of this will improve and continue to increase. For retail, this means, on site personalization. This could be personal shopping guide, an online personal stylist and so on. This strategy will effectively engage the buyers thus resulting in greater impact of the brand.

Mobile for advertising

4. Mobile for advertising
Mobile marketing is current & growing trend due to the increased usage of wireless technology and mobile phones. It is predicted the usage of mobile advertising shall continue to grow over the years. In-app advertising is the new trend, direct conversations between brand and consumers will become the norm. Not only will it benefit the retailer but also the consumer to great levels.

Digital assistants

5. Digital assistants
The digital assistant as the name suggest shall assist our shopping activity and aim to shorten our decision mainly for shopping . Like Siri, these assistants could have many advanced features including but not limited to filtering out wrong sizes and other unwanted things and making the shopping experience convenient.


10 Ground-breaking Lead Generation ideas for your next Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is a global phenomenon in the world of marketing. From big brands to educational forums to everything available, has gone the digital way. The online markets are flooded with brands, so one has to have a robust digital marketing strategy to stand out in this crowd. Lead generation is one such centric factor that has to be meticulously and strategically carved out. With reference to online marketing, lead generation refers to the triggering of customer enquiry about the product or brand.

Leda Generation
In this article 10 newest ways of lead generation ideas shall be discussed and it goes as follows –
Blogging regularly helps the target customers stand updated with the brand’s information and keeps their interest intact. GOODBYE CRUTCHES an online zone for knee scooters and other accessories were victorious in dragging traffic to their site by regular blogging. They managed to almost double the traffic.
Social networking forums like Facebook , LinkedIN, Google+ etc, all are most accessed spheres . Promotion on these platforms is highly beneficial. FarFetch , an online marketing company that sells multiple brands online increased their customer conversions by simply catapulting their activities on Google+ .
Once the customer enters your webpage, take them in the path you want , says Makenzi Wood , Acquisition marketer at Visual Net Design .
Provide your customers with live chat session as this saves their time and that is what they prefer. MARK TUCHSCHERER, the Co-founder and president at GEEKS CHICAGO suggests that live chat is like the real time online sales man that can convert visitors to clients.

Charlotte Blacklock , Lead generation manager at 9lenses picks that the messages conveyed over any platform must be the same to avoid customer end confusion .
Ross Davies , Account Director at Stafe Creative ,articulates that providing a precis about the brand with precise details makes the site more trustworthy .
Videos, ebooks etc work as time savers for the audience as a lot can be conveyed in a small span of time . Andrew Davies of Idio calls it as time honored strategy that can easily click .
Joey Baird, heading Digital Marketing at Sparxoo , sites the exit pop ups as the last chance of target conversion . This can be fruitful when it appears at the end of the page , creating that last trial chance .
NewRelic , a performance management portal suggests that customer feedback analysis helps pin pointing the shades of grey and thus one can rectify them for the better.
Content must be to the point and if your website includes forms then make sure these forms are compact and asks only what is relevant. Hop Online, a content marketing company points this as one of the things that is most preferred by target audience.

A chiseled Digital Marketing strategy can surely help you win the race with the counterparts.