Top Ten Digital Marketing Metrics

At the end of the month/quarter, when it comes to measuring the performance, marketers become indecisive on what Digital Marketing Metrics should be given the preference. There are vast numbers of reports, stats, parameters but what metrics matters to you and where should you start is the main question.

Digital marketing Metrics

Here are top ten Digital Marketing Metrics which expert use to measure the performance of a campaign/website.

Bounce Rate– Bounce rate is an efficient way to measure the effectiveness of your website and its content. It tells you how many people visit your site and leave instantly. A low bounce rate is good as it means relevant traffic, high average time and good conversion rate.

Return visitors Rate – This metrics gives you the insight into your loyal customers. They are either your customers or you can easily convert them. A high Return visitor’s rate indicates that you have good engagement with audiences and they like your website.

Average Time– it gives a clue of what kind of content customer likes. As per the experts, the more a visitor spends time on your website, the more he is likely to become your customer. So the longer is the better.

Average Page Views per visit– This metric shows how many pages of your website visitors go on average. It also indicates high-quality relevant traffic and popularity of your website.

Cost per Lead– Success of a digital marketing campaign is measured by conversion of web traffic and the cost it has occurred in the process. The main goal of the marketers is to get maximum leads/conversions in minimum cost.

Click Through Rate– It is the number of clicks on an advertisement divided by total impressions. CTR is measured in PPC ads and email marketing campaigns. Higher CTR leads to better quality score and low cost in advertisement.

Conversion Rate– It is a very important metric, which decides success or failure of a campaign. How much traffic of your website is converted into leads/sales is mandatory to track.

Return on Investment(ROI) – In this metric investment and gain is compared to each other. You can also identify which area of your marketing campaign is not performing and needs improvement.

Inbound Links – Inbound links also known as Backlinks; incoming links are an important component of a website. It helps in driving traffic and improve ranking of your website. Linking your site to high ranking and popular site is recommended.

Referral Traffic– Referral traffic are visitors who come to your site through direct links from other websites. It is considered as a recommendation to the content of your website, so having more referral traffic is better.

How to Boost Sales through Digital Marketing

Major objective of marketing is to increase the sales of a company. Every company does marketing & promotion and set big goals not all of them become successful. So the question is what digital marketing strategies boost sales and make a company stand out in the crowd.

Digital Marketing

First step is to create a good website with quality content and information, promote it across internet, drive huge relevant traffic to your website and convert the traffic in to sales. However it is not an easy task especially converting visitors in to customers yet there are several ways by which you can improve the conversion rate of your website.

1) Use hastags in your social media posts, it will differentiate you from others. You will get relevant visitors and potential customers. For example if you use #ChristmasSale, shoppers will definitely visit your post and eventually sales will increase.

2) A sense of urgency often drives good numbers. Run special offers & discounts for a limited period of time. It will benefit you multiple ways; first traffic of your website will go up, improving the overall performance and ranking of your site. Second it will naturally boost your sales numbers and the last thing word of mouth publicity through your buyers.

3) Promotional contests on social media cast strong impact on business. Though it cost some money but the benefit is huge. For example you can offer some percentage of your profit to a person who recommends your product.

4) Collect contact details (Email id, Mobile number) of your customers and target audience and keep in touch with them through updates, newsletters, latest offers, etc. Make sure than you have obtained permission of your customers before sending these stuff. News letter should contain useful information otherwise people will unsubscribe it.

5) Content marketing is big help in engaging existing customers and gaining new ones. Content needs be really good to get success in the content marketing.

6) Internet users generally use search engines and online directories for information and product & services so being on the top page of search engines increase traffic and sales of a company. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a must do thing for every website owner. Make sure that your website has good ranking on keywords related to your product and industry.

7) Pay per Click Ads is most targeted and result oriented ads. It will get you potential customers through keyword search. Its great way of generating sales.

8) Referral Marketing is another way of boosting your sales. You can offer some rewards on sales as a commission to shopkeepers, merchants, etc. They will work like your employee and help you reach the goal.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marking is an effective and economical medium of digital marketing however if not executed with proper strategy and planning, it fails to fetch desired result. Email marketing is not just throwing Bulk Messages everywhere; it would not do any good to your company.

Email Marketing Strategy
One need to understand human psychology first, why would anyone open and read an unknown email?
Its answer is simple, Interest or relevancy. Interest of everyone is not same so target a segment of people as per your business. If you send relevant mails to relevant people, as per their areas of interest, open and conversion rate of your email campaign will increase. To show the relevancy, you should insert an eye catching subject line.
Content of your email should be short and simple as people often ignore lengthy messages, apply attractive colors, design and image to create interest and curiosity in recipient.
Personalization is very important; people receive hundreds of marketing mails and they know these bulk mails are sent to thousands others too. So they don’t pay much attention to it but when you personalize, they feel special. Name of a person is the sweetest word for him in any language; use their name instead of Sir/Madam, give contact details of your company and include social media sharing buttons; customized offers. These simple things go a long way in acquiring customers and building lasting relationship with them.
Body of your email should contain call to action and sense of urgency elements. It can be any button or link such as click here, limited period offer, and special offer for you only, etc. Don’t use too many links, it only confuse readers. Your links should land your reader to the exact place as mentioned in the mail needless to say landing pages should be attractive.
With increased use of smart phones and tablets most of the people check email on their phones so your email marketing must be optimized for mobile otherwise you will be frustrated with end result. One last but not the least thing is to offer some incentive to open mail or click on the link inside mail. Though it is not recommended but you can apply it, in case your brand is not established and well known in the market.

Mass mailing
Modified Image

Email marketing is one of the most effective mediums of marketing. It is simple and economical way of reaching to masses in minutes. It is extensively used across the world for promotional activities, sales and marketing, brand building etc.

Bulk Emailing (Mass Mailing)

Bulk emailing also known as mass mailing is the act of sending large quantity of targeted emails generally for the purpose of marketing and promotion of a product or a service. Bulk mail software is used to send mails in large quantity. You cannot send bulk mails from personal email ids. Gmail does not allow more than 200 – 250 mail per day. In yahoo mail too you cannot send more than 500 mails per day and one message can be sent to 100 people only, same situation with AOL and Hotmail. Some of the best email software are Polite Mail, Mail Chimp, Email Marketing, Sandblaster, etc.

Main features of Bulk email Marketing

• It is fastest marketing method
• It is cost effective
• Wide range
• Personalized message
• Effective and Reliable
• Improves brand image and web traffic
• It reduces human time and effort
• Real time messages
• Highly focused and targeted

Most of the businesses send bulk mail for marking and promotion of their products and services, sometimes bulk mail is mistaken for junk mail. Most of the time these mails are marked spam, deleted and unsubscribed, however if you implement few things in your mass mailing campaign, It would be highly successful.

Do’s of Bulk Emailing

• Keep you mailer short, Simple and to the point
• Eye catching subject line
• Use both image and text
• Call to action
• Show urgency
• Put an unsubscribe link or button

Don’ts of Bulk Emailing

• Don’t mislead recipients
• Don’t use too many links
• Don’t insert big size images

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is all about planning for your digital content, its development, delivery and management. It has been seen that companies spend a good amount of time and money on building and maintaining a good website but pay less attention on its content which leads to increased bounce rate and decrease in web traffic.

Content Marketing

The simple solution of this issue is to hire a Digital Marketing Agency who has expertise in content strategy. There are many reputed Digital Marketing agency in India with good track record.
You might have read or heard that “Content is King” your content is as important as design of your website because it communicate with visitors and engage them. Websites with quality content gets good search engine ranking, good traffic and conversion rates. With Google Panda and Penguin updates it has become even more significant to make a good content strategy and apply it effectively.
Planning always comes first; you need to plan what kind of content to put and its position on website, SEO, research, target customers, location and frequency of content. As shown in the above image you should ask yourself six questions before starting any campaign, business or project, it is always better to start with complete preparation rather than improving it later. Someone has rightly said “Well Begun is half done”.
People often take Content Marketing and Content Strategy as one thing but they are two different task. The role of marketing and promotion comes when the content is already published and content strategy is the first step, it comes even before the content is created.
How a Content Strategy succeeds?
It is a million dollar question; everyone is planning, marketing and promoting their content but why some becomes successful and some other fails? Here we will discuss on what are the elements of a successful Content Strategy.
Research is the key, research on your customers, competitors, successful strategies and current trends. You should also keep an eye on what kinds of content is getting popular among your target audiences and over social media sites.
After research you have come up with a plan and you are pretty sure that it will work. Now it’s time to select right channels. The channels should be best fit for your content, business and customers, what has worked for others may not work for you so do not fall in temptation to choose a popular are most used methods. There are thousands of tools and resources online and offline for business. Be specific.
Link Building and promotion is a major component of Content Strategy, contact experts of your field, create back links, do promotion on social media. Connect with people who have huge fan following.
Content Strategy is a team work because content alone cannot become a king. Content planner should coordinate and work closely with other departments such as web designer, SEO experts, and marketing professionals. A combined effort always comes up with best results.

Digital Marketing Goals & Challenges

A Survey has been conducted by Stan Ventures on more than 500 digital marketers on their marketing goals, challenges and strategies for future. 41% of them said generating leads is their first priority. 27% of them put emphasis on increasing sales and remaining 17% wanted to improve brand awareness.
There are kinds of challenges faced by marketers. In B2B (Business to Business) industry generating enough leads and converting leads in to customer are the main challenges. In B2C (Business to Customer) measuring and maintaining good ROIis a big challenge.
In digital marketing various methods and tools are used such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc, to achieve above mentioned marketing goals. But there is confusion about which marketing channel is the best for lead generation and better ROI.
Consumer’s behavior has been changing with the increased digital media to gain information on various products and services and online price comparison. Now, marketers are focusing more on better ROI. Marketing strategies and campaigns are developed keeping in mind the ROI, they will achieve afterwards.
Marketers are focusing on the marketing channels that they understand is better in lead generation and ROI. 68% of marketers entirely depend on Email Marketing. It is the most cost effective medium of digital marketing. 49% marketers send five lakh emails per year. With the invention of social sharing buttons in email, effectiveness of Email Marketing has increased manifold.
86% of marketers are sure that Social Media Marketing gives good return on investment (ROI) and 57% of them have social media marketing team in their companies.