How to Create Live poll Videos on Facebook

In recent past, many of you must be looking at live polls on Facebook. Of course you have, it is the latest trend after all. Many of you must have also thought of creating it, but couldn’t get an easy option on Facebook on how to do it.
So here we are with few easy steps along with a picture guide to help you out. But, before that, let me just brief you about it a little.

What is Facebook live Poll?
It is a Simple Live Video with few elements, such as a question, two or more images, the reaction a user is supposed to use and vote count that is updated in real time.
Why use Facebook Live poll?
To this one question we have two answers,
First, Facebook itself pushes Live videos in the newsfeed as compared to other videos. It is interesting to know that Facebook spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote live events. So, it is understood that it is trying to encourage people to use this feature. On the other hand, live videos get a good organic search as compared to other videos.
Secondly, it is the latest trend. And who in this generation doesn’t follow trends?

There are four types of Facebook polls as follows:
1. A poll with two photos and 2 reactions
2. A poll with one photo and 2 reactions
3. A poll with four photos and 4 reactions
4. a poll with a question and four horizontal lines where the amount of votes is displayed.
Now Learn to create Facebook Live poll in 5 easy Steps here:
1. sign up for Video React;
2. Download a free software named OBS Studio (works with Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux OS)
3. Create Facebook live poll post in Video react- by writing a question, uploading images and choosing the Reactions respectively.
4. Now Copy and paste the Key and link which will be generated for you in Video React into OBS Studio Software.
5. Click the «Start streaming» button.
That’s it! It’s Done!

Note: You don’t need to be a programmer or HTML expert or deal with HTML templates to create a video.
The Live polling service isn’t free but worth every penny.