World-renowned Companies that got kick start from Garages

“Rome was not built in one day” is absolutely a true saying for these companies that at one point in time started in a garage. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a believer to be the one, then these stories of some multi-billion companies will be an inspiration. These businesses that had a humble beginning and turned into mega companies proven that “Only great minds can afford a simple style”.

Know who are they actually and from where they got a Kick?

  1. Amazon:

Jeff Bezos started an online bookstore at the age of 30 in 1994 with a name “”. This bookstore started from a garage in Bellevue, Washington. The business is now generating over $61 Billion revenue.


Kick Start of Amazon:  

It was spring of 1994, when the use of web was growing with a fast pace. This made Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, think of the types of products that make sense of selling on internet. After accumulating 20 products, Jeff got a kick with Books to be the best product that he could probably sell through web because of its high universal demand and low price.

Address: 10704 NE 28th, Bellevue, Washington

  1. Disney:

The two Disney brothers started with their first animated series “ALICE COMEDIES” in 1923. “The First Disney Studio” got its start from their uncle’s house in the one-car garage outback.


Kick Start of Disney:

When Walt first arrived California in the summers of 1923, he designed a sketch of girl cartoon character called “Alice’s Wonderland” and distributed its film series. The remarkable success of Alice Comedies has given him reason to show his magic to all-cartoon series which is proved by the fame they have at present times.

Address: 4651 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles, California

  1. Google:

The most commonly used search engine, Google, is the result of efforts by two Stanford University’s graduates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They worked for their project day and night in their friend’s, Susan Wojcicki, garage in September 1998.


Kick Start of Google:

 Larry and Sergey who were pursuing their Ph.D. at Stanford started a project “BackRub” which aims at learning how web pages are linked together. They wanted to make it easy for people by giving pages a rank which will come up as per relevancy to the search queries. They tried to sell their idea to many big companies like and many other but the offer was turned down. This gave both Larry and Sergey an encouragement to start Google that was originally called Googol which means a number followed by hundred zeros.

Address: 232 Santa Margarita Ave, Menlo Park, California

The truth about these todays’ multi-billion dollar companies reflects a clear pattern that where you start from is not important; it’s all about where you reach ultimately.