Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a one stop computer application for all activities on your content by using this application you can edit, organize, publish, modify and delete your content from a point. You can either manually handle or set automatic steps in your daily routine business activities.

Content Management Service

If you have content Management System, you don’t need any HTML expert for back hand coding. What all you need to do is just log in to the application follow easy suggestions and make changes in your website, keep it fresh and up to date. It increases efficiency, rank up your website in search engines and gives you full control on your content. It is user friendly and highly customizable. CMS is useful for almost every business and website.

Its functions vary from easy to complex depending on the applications and its versions. The main functions of this application are to pile up and arrange, publish and index and provide access to users as per the version. Free versions of Content Management come up with few basic features but paid ones have complex and more influential functions.

Before selecting any Content Management System for your website, you must go through your requirements and then it becomes easy to hunt a best fit CMS for your business. Given Below are some of the crucial features which you must have in CMS

• The CMS should be easy to understand and simple in administration.
• It should be supportive to Modules and Plugins
• Social media buttons and sharing tools should be there forcontent marketing purpose
• An Analytics tools to trace audiences and their information,Google Analytics is highly recommended.
• It should have tools to publish all kinds of contents such as text, images, multimedia, etc.
• It should have built – in SEO and web optimization tools
Now let’s have a look on three most popular Content Management Systems. These systems have above mentioned qualities and they are tried and tested and by millions of people across the world. So be assured

Word Press

It is a PHP and MySQL based free, open source blogging and Content Management System. It is used by more than 60 million websites. It has various attractive themes to choose from and its Plugin architecture lets you add more features, presently it has 30,000+ Plugins. It is the most popular CMS and has huge number of users.


Joomla is also a free and open source CMS which is very simple and highly customizable. It was launched on 17th August 2005 and gradually it has gained popularity. Joomla is being used by 50 million people across the world.  It supports multiple languages and can be easily upgraded.


A person with little or no technical & coding knowledge can very easily create and maintain blog or website using this system. It is best for a novice person. Modx is PHP based free open source CMS which allows full segregation of content and it supports rich text editors and any Ajax library. It has great SEO tools which any one can use.
Content Management
The term Content Management refers to a set of activities that is performed on a digital content using various tools. It starts with the creation and it runs right through life cycle of content, even after publishing because content is often edited and modified over the time to make it relevant and updated. Content can be in text, or in multimedia form like images, audio and video.

Content Management

Content management objectives and arrangement varies in organizations for example, e – commerce websites and institutions use it in different manner and they tailor it according to their needs and convenience.

Content Management generally has five steps

1)     Creation – It is the first step, content is created by researching and collecting data mainly from internet then that data is analyzed and organized in an attractive manner. Behind the endless matter of Internet there are thousands of writers and managers who provide valuable and complex information in easy to understand manner. You can also avail digital marketing services in content creation. There is number of digital marketing agency in India having expertise in this field.

2)     Editing – Nothing is perfect and there is always a scope for improvement, this statement applies to content as well. Editing not only makes matter flawless but also sharpens and enhances its quality. Editing is a vital step because every reader searches for complete information in easy and attractive form. According to survery online users scan content for its relevance and quality; this signifies the importance of editing.

3)     Publishing – Publishing means presenting content for use, online or offline as per the objective. Mostly it is published online, on a website, blog, newsletters, press releases eBooks, PDF, online newspapers, magazines and journals. Offline publication includes printing books, magazines, periodicals, etc.

4)     Administration – It includes looking after the published matter, modify, update or remove the content as per the requirement, providing access and permission to users.

5)      Consumption – Content is created for the purpose of consumption, all the previous steps are meant for consumption.Content Marketing, promotion and search engine optimization (SEO) is done to bring people to consume the matter. Consumption includes viewing, sharing, downloading and recommending the content.

With the growing demand of quality content its management has become even more vital because its success mainly depends on how effectively it is being managed.   It is very imperative to keep content relevant and updated so that it can attract maximum consumers and further its builds credibility and loyalty.  You can hire a renowned digital marketing agency in Delhi who can help your business in Content creation and development.