How to Use Linkedin to Grow Business?

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking site began on May, 2003. It is used to showcase professional skills, search jobs, professional networking and business acumen. It has three hundred million users worldwide. LinkedIn uses 20 languages to reach maximum number of people.
Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it is used for commerce purpose. Correct use of LinkedIn can create huge impact on your businesses. Though it does not have massive number of users like Facebook and twitter but it is most effective social networking site for business. As per HubSpot study LinkedIn generates more leads and conversion rate is four times greater than Facebook & Twitter. The reason behind this success is obvious LinkedIn is a site of professionals and businesses and it is overflowing with relevant information and quality content. Importance of LinkedIn can be understood with the fact that all the Fortune 500 companies have their presence on LinkedIn.
Just making a LinkedIn page is not enough you have to work on it so that it can speak for you effectively. Below some of the tips given which works in growing your business through LinkedIn
Target Your Audience – Use LinkedIn’s search option and filter your audience by business, place, education, etc. For advanced search you can use LinkedIn premium for a fee. Advanced search lets you find the right target market.
• Publish Article – By using LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform you can expand your network, acquire new customers, employees, and generate leads. Make sure you use relevant, original and quality content on regular basis. Content should be helpful and appealing. You can take help of trending content tool which tells you what people are interested in. People like quality content then they share it and provide positive reviews resulting in higher post reach and promotion without money.
Use Keywords – It helps people to find relevant content and business to find right people. It lets search engine find your content which eventually leads to better ranking and more traffic to your page. But don’t over use Keywords make your content appear like classified ads.
• Get engaged with people – You researched and posted an interesting article and people started taking interest in it, now what? Here comes the next step reply to people, clear their doubts, and answer their queries. Always remember if you help others, they will certainly help you. Invite people to share feedbacks on your products and services, encourage them to write reviews and recommend. You can also use the chain marketing method in which a person gets some reward when he recommend or brings a customer to company.
Join Groups – Joining relevant groups will give your business more exposure, your post will reach to maximum number of people and customer engagement will increase.
To conclude LinkedIn is the most useful social networking sites especially for small & medium businesses which cannot spend big amount on promotion and marketing, however fortune 500 companies are also using it. Somebody has rightly said that a penny saved is equal to a penny earned.