Email Marketing Strategy

Email marking is an effective and economical medium of digital marketing however if not executed with proper strategy and planning, it fails to fetch desired result. Email marketing is not just throwing Bulk Messages everywhere; it would not do any good to your company.

Email Marketing Strategy
One need to understand human psychology first, why would anyone open and read an unknown email?
Its answer is simple, Interest or relevancy. Interest of everyone is not same so target a segment of people as per your business. If you send relevant mails to relevant people, as per their areas of interest, open and conversion rate of your email campaign will increase. To show the relevancy, you should insert an eye catching subject line.
Content of your email should be short and simple as people often ignore lengthy messages, apply attractive colors, design and image to create interest and curiosity in recipient.
Personalization is very important; people receive hundreds of marketing mails and they know these bulk mails are sent to thousands others too. So they don’t pay much attention to it but when you personalize, they feel special. Name of a person is the sweetest word for him in any language; use their name instead of Sir/Madam, give contact details of your company and include social media sharing buttons; customized offers. These simple things go a long way in acquiring customers and building lasting relationship with them.
Body of your email should contain call to action and sense of urgency elements. It can be any button or link such as click here, limited period offer, and special offer for you only, etc. Don’t use too many links, it only confuse readers. Your links should land your reader to the exact place as mentioned in the mail needless to say landing pages should be attractive.
With increased use of smart phones and tablets most of the people check email on their phones so your email marketing must be optimized for mobile otherwise you will be frustrated with end result. One last but not the least thing is to offer some incentive to open mail or click on the link inside mail. Though it is not recommended but you can apply it, in case your brand is not established and well known in the market.

Mass mailing
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Email marketing is one of the most effective mediums of marketing. It is simple and economical way of reaching to masses in minutes. It is extensively used across the world for promotional activities, sales and marketing, brand building etc.

Bulk Emailing (Mass Mailing)

Bulk emailing also known as mass mailing is the act of sending large quantity of targeted emails generally for the purpose of marketing and promotion of a product or a service. Bulk mail software is used to send mails in large quantity. You cannot send bulk mails from personal email ids. Gmail does not allow more than 200 – 250 mail per day. In yahoo mail too you cannot send more than 500 mails per day and one message can be sent to 100 people only, same situation with AOL and Hotmail. Some of the best email software are Polite Mail, Mail Chimp, Email Marketing, Sandblaster, etc.

Main features of Bulk email Marketing

• It is fastest marketing method
• It is cost effective
• Wide range
• Personalized message
• Effective and Reliable
• Improves brand image and web traffic
• It reduces human time and effort
• Real time messages
• Highly focused and targeted

Most of the businesses send bulk mail for marking and promotion of their products and services, sometimes bulk mail is mistaken for junk mail. Most of the time these mails are marked spam, deleted and unsubscribed, however if you implement few things in your mass mailing campaign, It would be highly successful.

Do’s of Bulk Emailing

• Keep you mailer short, Simple and to the point
• Eye catching subject line
• Use both image and text
• Call to action
• Show urgency
• Put an unsubscribe link or button

Don’ts of Bulk Emailing

• Don’t mislead recipients
• Don’t use too many links
• Don’t insert big size images