Five digital trends for retail in the next five years.

With the growing technology advancements and variations in the techniques of marketing, digital marketing has emerged quite successful. Ecommerce and retail are up for dramatic industry shift, especially, in context of digital marketing strategies. Consumers & buyers are perpetually seeking more value and the marketing industry is just about coping up. Here are five digital trends for retail which will help then serve their consumer better.

1. Focusing on micro moments
Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. (source:google). Nowadays, an average person spends approximately 3-4 hours on their mobile phones. The moment they check phones to gain knowledge, navigate themselves, check for the best offers or browse through social media, retail marketers have an opportunity to marketing their brand. The key to own these micro moments is to identify what the consumer is looking for in those moments.

Focusing on micro moments

2. Brands know where you live.
Thanks to Uber and Deliveroo, we are used to giving out our locations on a frequent basis. Along with using heuristic solutions to know what we browse, brands will be able to track down our home address and the ultra target marketing will be directed straight to our mobile phones. For instance, if you’ve missed buying the shirt you loved due to your low budget or other distractions, no need to worry as the BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology knows exactly how much time you spent contemplating it. Which means that in turn you’ll receive a luring offer or a reminder of the purchase long after you’ve left the shop.

Brands know where you live

3. Personalized platform
In the emerging market, buyers prefer a personalized shopping platform and personalization plays a big role in shortening the decision making of buyers. Many brands do this with email marketing and re-marketing. Use of this will improve and continue to increase. For retail, this means, on site personalization. This could be personal shopping guide, an online personal stylist and so on. This strategy will effectively engage the buyers thus resulting in greater impact of the brand.

Mobile for advertising

4. Mobile for advertising
Mobile marketing is current & growing trend due to the increased usage of wireless technology and mobile phones. It is predicted the usage of mobile advertising shall continue to grow over the years. In-app advertising is the new trend, direct conversations between brand and consumers will become the norm. Not only will it benefit the retailer but also the consumer to great levels.

Digital assistants

5. Digital assistants
The digital assistant as the name suggest shall assist our shopping activity and aim to shorten our decision mainly for shopping . Like Siri, these assistants could have many advanced features including but not limited to filtering out wrong sizes and other unwanted things and making the shopping experience convenient.


Mobile- A Real Strength of Digital Advertisers

Mobile Marketing today is where Internet advertising was in 1996—it’s about to take off. There are more mobile phones in use worldwide than televisions and computers put together. These stats show the exponential growth of mobile technology and thereby increasing the power of its advertising reach. Mobile is undoubtedly a new platform for advertising and engaging customers, as one can reach customers more conveniently and at all times. Even Facebook reports that Mobile Ad Revenue now accounts for 78 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue and 74 percent of total revenue. Gartner reported that mobile advertising is forecasted to grow to more than $20 billion worldwide by 2016.

Mobile Marketing

This, hopefully, gives Advertisers enough reason to pay attention to mobile. Advertisers can also hire mobile / digital marketing agencies to design campaigns and make their mobile marketing a big success. Following are some of the key benefits of mobile marketing:

  1. Primary source of Media consumption:

    The mobile phone is used from when a consumer gets up in the morning and is often the last thing consumer interacts with at night. Mobile ads have round-the-clock reach to consumers which increases the potential of brand visibility.

  2. Cost-effective medium:

    Marketers will agree that Mobile ads cost significantly less than other advertising platforms, be it offline or online. And yes, smart marketers take advantage of the fact that Google’s mobile ads are cheaper than their desktop ads. This apparently helps in increasing brand awareness and drives more conversions among their mobile audience.

  3. Use of Rich-Media:

    Click-through Rates for mobile ads have seen a remarkable rise which is almost 27% for tablets and 26% for smartphones. Inventions like Snap Banners by People Magazine, Responsive Ads, and Native Ads using rich-media are the cause of recently stated increased click-through rates.

  4. Mobile apps-

    a Skyrocket for many Brands: Brands are paying more attention towards app giving rise to more visitors. Users spend significantly more time on apps be it gaming app, news app, entertainment app and many more. This is pushing brands for larger in-app budgets in near future as in-app ads have catalysed mobile web.

  5. Video ads-

    A next hot-bed for mobile engagement: Interactive Advertising Bureau survey says that 36% of their respondents watch videos that are longer than five minutes. Moreover, viewers in China love to watch movies and TV episodes on smartphones only. Advertisers play a strong role in this growth. Video formats proved to be the most effective in engaging users and delivering brand stories.

Mobile is not the future, it is the now. It is the place to meet your consumers & customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient for the brands. Online marketing agencies with established skills in strategy, execution and analytics are the most equipped to design and make your mobile marketing campaigns a success.

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