Why mobile marketing strategies must focus on cross-device behavior ?

Isn’t it a surprise that the majority of digital media is consumed on mobile devices, yet less than 10.8% of media dollars flow towards mobile advertising? With the changing and developing technology and marketing techniques, various brands and retailers must invest in different and unique mobile marketing strategies. Essentially, understanding the behavior, needs and standards of consumers and then trying to communicate with them in the language that they use, at the time that they are most inclined to communicate and engage should be the essential components of Strategy. The campaign objective and goals should then drive the rest of the strategic inputs. However, one needs to stop looking at each device on its own and start understanding that Multi-device behavior is the new trend in current times.

Q4 2015 Report

The reports of Q4 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report from Criteo showed that in the last quarter of 2015 mobile transactions grew by 15% in the year before and made up 30% of all ecommerce transactions. Criteo gives insights into the mobile commerce statistics and online shopping on a quarterly basis and has observed that 4(four) in 10(ten) purchases were done on multiple devices and hence concluding that the diverse consumers are not only purchasing on mobiles or on android phones but a big chunk of them are purchasing on numerous other devices like laptops, tabs etc. The first stage of awareness development may happen on any device and after continuing with the interest, the consumer may hop across devices at different times to finally go for the purchase on the most practical device at that time.

Hence, the mobile marketers need to pay attention to cross-device marketing. Cross-device may seem intimidating to the uninitiated for the reasons explored .So, firstly let us understand as to what the term “cross-device” reveals to us and what it is really about and how it works. Effective cross-device marketing and measurement hinges on the ability to track and target the same consumer as that person moves across multiple devices

cross behaving

Cross-device tracking has the potential to present device-specific consumer behaviors, which can give marketers more and clear insights to work with when devising their cross-device digital marketing strategies. Not only this, it also facilitates more effective sequential messaging, cross-device targeting, and universal ad frequency capping. The growth of mobile Commerce is further increasing the need for more personalized brand experiences from consumers. Digital marketers can no longer look at device use alone to identify and convert consumers into buyers. Nowadays, consumers diversely use multiple devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones etc. in all stages of their shopping journey. The marketers need to understand the consumer needs and behavior and thereby enable effective and deeper engagement through the cross-device journey.

Finally, to succeed, it is absolutely necessary for marketers and brands to understand user profiles across multiple devices, browsers, and apps in order to provide them with a meaningful and relevant experience throughout their shopping journey.

Achal Kaushal
Trootrac Media Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile marketing in India

The Stats

In recent years, mobile marketing has shot up the ranks in the world of digital marketing for its effectiveness. The ease of measurability of results is one of the major reasons for the prevailing importance of mobile. The following are the latest stats for marketers:

1. Almost 900 million population in India use mobile phones, out of which 250 million access internet through mobile as estimated till February, 2016

2. 80% users access internet through smartphones

3. According to eMarketer estimate, over one-third of consumers worldwide or over 2.56 billion people will be using smartphones by 2018

4. Recently, CNET’s study revealed that mobile internet traffic reached 60% whereas that of desktop has declined to 40%.

Mobile Marketing

What It means for Marketers?

Smart businesses have already started to allocate larger budgets to Mobile Marketing. A “Marketing Zone” Report says that 84% of SMBs experienced increases in new customer acquisition through mobile marketing methods. Furthermore, the gradual fall in prices of smartphones is aiding the growth of mobile user-base and hence new opportunities for marketers.

The Changing Trend

It might sound funny but true, Forrester reports that consumers pick/hold in hand their mobile phones 150 to 200 times a day. The mobile imperative is therefore changing the way businesses and marketers have to operate. In the year 2015, businesses focused on app installs and designed their marketing strategy to increase number of installs by incentivizing it. On one hand, the strategy showed positive results by way of large number of installs whereas on the other most of the campaigns saw almost 80% uninstalls happening within 3 days of installation. This survey led many companies to adapt PC + Mobile strategy for the year 2016. On mobile particularly, the combination of WAP  and some ‘bot’ solutions are being adopted.

1. Customer-centric: Constant efforts are required for understanding user personas and behavioural traits to target the campaigns for better ROI. The pace of learning about our consumers’/customers’ needs to be supported with a superior understanding of big data, much rather use it to create more meaningful interactions.

2. Content Marketing: The growing focus on engagement has enthused mobile marketing industry too. Various new forms of engagement through mobile are being experimented with. Be it ‘Daily Quotes’, ‘Factoids’, NewsFeeds, Video or bot supported messaging- it is all being rolled out. Freemium, as a commercial model is the accepted norm.

3. Programmatic Buying: This technological advancement is good for advertisers looking at masses and is expected to be a $20 billion industry by the end of 2016. This is expected to grow even larger over the years. The good news is that Advertisers themselves are now taking charge and operate bids and analyse performance from their own panels. It is being noticed that the ease of buying through Programmatic is resulting in lesser role for the agency.

The world’s largest exhibition of mobile industry, #MWC16 , at Barcelona featured almost 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem. Trootrac Media Pvt. Ltd. , New Delhi, also participated in the event to explore the coming genius revolution in mobile world. The event brings together:

=> Apps for various verticals like Agriculture

=> Companies offering app development

=> Programmatic Buying- The Next Frontier in Mobile ecosystem

=> Big Data Analytics companies

=> App performance analytics to learn customer persona and improving ROI

=> Performance Marketing Companies

=> Inventions and Innovations around ‘Internet of Things’

=> Mobile Network and Infra development companies

=> Virtual Network Companies, MVNO’s

=> Equipment testing Companies

=> All major Mobile Brands with new models and products

=> OEM suppliers

Mobile world congress

In the light of above, Trootrac has made some new associations at #MWC16 which shall allow us to bring more customer-engagement and sales growth solutions to our Merchants / Advertisers. With all the new innovations, mobile marketing’s growth is everybody’s guess. However, catch shall lie in the Marketers’ learning curve for fully utilizing the Power of Mobile.

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Achal Kaushal
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Mobile- A Real Strength of Digital Advertisers

Mobile Marketing today is where Internet advertising was in 1996—it’s about to take off. There are more mobile phones in use worldwide than televisions and computers put together. These stats show the exponential growth of mobile technology and thereby increasing the power of its advertising reach. Mobile is undoubtedly a new platform for advertising and engaging customers, as one can reach customers more conveniently and at all times. Even Facebook reports that Mobile Ad Revenue now accounts for 78 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue and 74 percent of total revenue. Gartner reported that mobile advertising is forecasted to grow to more than $20 billion worldwide by 2016.

Mobile Marketing

This, hopefully, gives Advertisers enough reason to pay attention to mobile. Advertisers can also hire mobile / digital marketing agencies to design campaigns and make their mobile marketing a big success. Following are some of the key benefits of mobile marketing:

  1. Primary source of Media consumption:

    The mobile phone is used from when a consumer gets up in the morning and is often the last thing consumer interacts with at night. Mobile ads have round-the-clock reach to consumers which increases the potential of brand visibility.

  2. Cost-effective medium:

    Marketers will agree that Mobile ads cost significantly less than other advertising platforms, be it offline or online. And yes, smart marketers take advantage of the fact that Google’s mobile ads are cheaper than their desktop ads. This apparently helps in increasing brand awareness and drives more conversions among their mobile audience.

  3. Use of Rich-Media:

    Click-through Rates for mobile ads have seen a remarkable rise which is almost 27% for tablets and 26% for smartphones. Inventions like Snap Banners by People Magazine, Responsive Ads, and Native Ads using rich-media are the cause of recently stated increased click-through rates.

  4. Mobile apps-

    a Skyrocket for many Brands: Brands are paying more attention towards app giving rise to more visitors. Users spend significantly more time on apps be it gaming app, news app, entertainment app and many more. This is pushing brands for larger in-app budgets in near future as in-app ads have catalysed mobile web.

  5. Video ads-

    A next hot-bed for mobile engagement: Interactive Advertising Bureau survey says that 36% of their respondents watch videos that are longer than five minutes. Moreover, viewers in China love to watch movies and TV episodes on smartphones only. Advertisers play a strong role in this growth. Video formats proved to be the most effective in engaging users and delivering brand stories.

Mobile is not the future, it is the now. It is the place to meet your consumers & customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient for the brands. Online marketing agencies with established skills in strategy, execution and analytics are the most equipped to design and make your mobile marketing campaigns a success.

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Top Four Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing has become an obligation for companies in the modern digital world. Today there is hardly any successful company without a website and social media accounts. And this phenomenon has intensified the market competition. Customer is the main center of the competition and the company which engages and satisfies the needs its customer gains maximum benefits. But the main question is how to do it? Broadcasting your advertising messages to the public has become ineffective. Here are top four Digital Marketing Strategy tips that will help you in achieving your goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Mobile First – From computers and laptops people have gone to smartphones, they use social media, check emails, pay bill, book tickets and do many other things on their phones. So marketers should give priority to mobile marketing and make mobile optimized responsive sites. Google gives high ranking to mobile friendly websites; therefore you have every reason to optimize your site for mobile audiences.

Use Pull not push– Don’t run after customers but attract them. Mark your presence on social media, forums, groups and all the places, where your customers are. Customer engagement and monitoring their interests and view about your brand is important. Don’t annoy your customers with junk emails, messages, and irritating advertisements.

Don’t tell, but show– Now days every company is boasting about their products/services. But in reality many of them don’t match up customer’s expectations, so customers have become skeptical. In such situation, just verbal commitments and promises don’t work. Market the quality of your products and services on social media and online forum. Give customer proper information and guidance and your conversion rate will increase.

Make things simple – whatever your business goal is it should be clear and easy to understand. Any call to action such as signing up or purchasing a product should be easy to complete without filling up lengthy forms. Social media Plugins that permits users to login via their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts are very convenient to customers.

Customer oriented marketing increases your business and gives you a good reputation in the market. Rather than screaming your marketing script everywhere, focus on customers’ needs and their expectations. Customer engagement is more beneficial for you than any other advertisement.