Notable Digital Marketing Stats of the Week

The latest Digital Marketing Stats include the digital transformation of many brands and call-to-action strategies that worked pretty well. Let’s have a look at the top 10 notable digital marketing stats of the week :

Pokemon Go surpasses Candy Crush with highest number of US daily users

With approximately 21m daily active users of PokemonGo, the game overtakes Candy Crush, crowning itself with the biggest mobile game in the US. However, that’s not the end, BoomApp revealed that over 3% of UK Android users had already downloaded the game much ahead of its release date.

With such addiction to the mobile game, one can expect different stats next week.

Pokemon Go surpasses Candy Crush with highest number of US daily users

Amazon receives 81.6m visitors on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day (celebration of the 20th birthday) was a huge success for the retailer in terms of traffic. Even though it lacks the appropriate algorithms and has been on the downfall of 6% in mobile and desktop visits, the Prime Day made crowd of 81.6m visitors. According to a research, Amazon Prime Day has been one the most successful online event in the history.

Amazon Prime Day


APAC overtakes US as worlds biggest digital ad market

According to latest Strategy Analytics forecast cited by Mediatel, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) is ready to overtake the World’s biggest digital advertising market. Its spend is forecasted to rise by 18.2% this year, reaching $59.7 billion. With high potential to grow APAC represents the global markets including China, India, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea.

APAC overtakes US as world’s biggest digital ad market

UK population saving 51.4m hours per month thanks to disruptive apps

The time saving apps and online tools are on an average saving 2.2 hours per month for a person. The UK population is now saving 51.4m hours per month thanks to such digital marketing transformation. The disruptive apps align the advantage of time saving and hence, grabbing the unique consumer loyalty.

Consumer goods firms unprepared for new data regulation

In a report by Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Transformation Institute, Customer’s goods organizations are taking risk with customer’s data security and privacy. According to the report, half of the companies don’t have appropriate policies regarding customer’s data security and privacy offering exposing themselves to risky penalty which could amount to $151 billion.

One in four name Amazon as their favorite brand

In spite of physical shopping experience being still preferred by most of the people, Amazon ranked favorite among one of four in the 1000 consumers survey held by DMA. The survey found out customer loyalty with the brand and for online shopping experience out of 20, 3 were in list, namely, Amazon, EBay and ASOS.

 Live TV viewing drops 6% in two years

The Ofcom’s Annual Research Report put forth the reality of fewer younger people now prefer watching on demand online services platforms like Netflix. The research came up with declining result of Live TV watching from 69% to 63% in past two years. The overall 6% drop in live TV viewing time among young adults shows the more declining future rates of Live TV.

Live TV viewing drops 6% in two years

 YouTube pays $2bn to content owners

The Google owned YouTube stacks the 98% of copyright management through content ID, with resulting significant revenue for the right holders. Youtube pays approx..$2 Billion per annum for content ID claims. These claims are disputed less than 1% of the time and result in 50% revenue to the music industry by YouTube.

Apple overtaken by local brands in China

Chinese local brands like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi dropped down the popularity of iPhone in the China. It cuts down from being the top most smartphone to now ranking fifth in Chinese market, although it remains the biggest non-Chinese brand. The market share price of Apple has seen a downfall of 10.8% while Huawei, a local brand got their market share rise to 17% completely overtaking Apple smartphone.