Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tools

You always want to increase reach and engagement of your brand on the biggest social networking site of the world, Facebook but somehow fall short of your goal due to lack of proper strategy and sufficient time. These two stumbling blocks can be easily removed by using tools especially designed for Facebook Marketing. These tools will greatly reduce the time and efforts you put on social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing

1) Heyo – With Heyo you can create interesting contests and promotional campaigns for your Facebook page. Best thing about Heyo is that it let you run a mobile optimized campaign that too without any coding, drag & drop is enough. Initially you get 7 days of free trial which you can extend for some days by inviting people, though social sharing any by review. Once the trial period is over you can purchase the plan for $25 per month.

2) Post Planner – It is an amazing tool which gathers viral and popular contents such as photo, quotes, status and let you share those things with your audiences. You get the option to publish the content immediately or schedule it for peak hours. Content already being viral performs well on the Facebook that’s why Post Planner is very popular. Basic services of the tools are free however premium subscription is charged $29 per month.

3) Tabsite –  Tabsite is similar to Heyo as it also let you execute engaging contents and campaigns on your Facebook page, but here you can also provide coupons and run deals like Groupon. The tools has simple interface and it is easy to use. Some popular activities on this platform are photo contests, timeline content and video contest. It has free as well as chargeable plans

4) Canva– Images attract more than text, it is widely accepted fact. You can do better with Canva. It is a graphic tool which allows you to create beautiful images and share it on Facebook. It has a database of 10 lakhs images which will certainly help you a lot and you can also create image on your own. The tool is simple and creative.

5) Agora Plus – It is complete toolkit for Facebook & Twitter as per the website of the company. It offers a wide range of Facebook apps to run quizzes, contents and campaigns. It also has advance page analytics which let you trace the performance of your contests. The tool let you keep the details of your fan base and their activity. You can also moderate your page using this tool.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes

Today  Digital Marketing is not an option, it is a must do thing for businesses to succeed. But are you satisfied with your digital marketing strategy and the end result? If the answer is no, then its time to review and find out if you are making any mistakes.

Digital Marketing Mistake

We always talk about “ what to do”? But we should also be aware of “what not to do”? There are many mistakes which turn diligent efforts ineffective and put your company into losses. By avoiding these mistakes you can actually realize full advantage of digital marketing.

1)  Ignoring Mobile Users- Marketers often design their marketing campaigns as per web interface thus they do not reach to the vast population of mobile internet users. This is a deadly mistake which results in  poor campaign performance and badly affects the return on investment (ROI). Mobile has become the primary device to access internet so you should have a mobile version of your website and marketing strategy keeping in mind the mobile users.

2) Not adopting to Change-  ‘Nothing is permanent, only change is constant’  this principle applies in marketing as well. What is the best practice today  may become outdated and ineffective tomorrow. For example, Google often makes changes in its algorithm, if you stick with old updates, your website ranking will come down.Facebook has also made changes in its privacy policy so keeping  yourself aware of the latest development in technology is mandatory. One who keeps pace with time gets success in business.

3) Images & videos –Promotion through only text content is not enough. When text is accompanied by imagery, infographics and videos, it casts a deep and lasting impression on the mind of the viewer. Infographics especially works better if you want to convey short messages with a symbolic image.Video Marketing is a new trend in Digital Marketing and many companies have started using it.

4) Extra Focus on SEO & Keywords SEO is important for any business, but SEO alone can not win the battle. Companies are taking extra efforts in making website more search engine friendly rather than user friendly. They are stuffing keywords all over their website which is very irritating as per customer’s perspective and it also lowers the quality of the content. Keywords should be relevant  and limited in numbers, It should come in naturally.

5) Poor Social Media Marketing Strategy – Social media is a massive  platform for marketing, but companies fail to provide it as much attention as it needs. They treat it as a small part of their marketing strategy and fall short to capitalize on its wide reach and huge  audience. Businesses  should form a separate unit for social media marketing for maximum benefits.

By avoiding these five mistakes one can improve the performance of their marketing campaign. Digital Marketing can boost your sales, widen your customer base and make your brand stand out in the cut throat competition. But Marketing is an ever changing  process so research and experiment is necessary.


Top 5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Managing multiple social media accounts is a difficult task, when you have many other things to do as well. Without proper engagement with audience, you will not get full benefit of social media. So what is the way out?  Thanks to tool developers for inventing social media tools by which you can handle all your social accounts from a dashboard. You can also monitor, analyze these accounts and send your message across social media with just a click.

Social Media

There are many awesome social media tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout social, Sendible, etc. That can manage your account efficiently and reduce your time and efforts. But most of them are chargeable and if you have a tight budget you can not avail their services. Another problem is that they all may not be suitable to the nature and the requirements of your business.

Fortunately there are many free tools too, which work well on social media. You can give them a try, they cost nothing.

1) Buffer – It let you add all your social accounts on its dashboard from where you can post content at one go and analyze stats. You get updates and you can also schedule your posts throughout week. Buffer also gives you popular content suggestion and top performing tweets of twitter. It offers both free and paid services.

2) Follwerwonk – The tool is especially made for twitter. It allows you to review the complete twitter activities of your followers. You can also compare the profile of multiple users against each other. It is best tool to review and analyze your and your follower’s stats.

3) Viral Boot – It is a free Pinterest tool to promote your pins, get likes and to gain new followers. It has a built in analytics, where you can find stats of your pins. Viral Boot is based on the theory of mutual promotion. You follow, like and repin other you earn some points which can be used for your own promotion.

4) Iconosquare – It’s a complete Instagram solution. It has a user friendly interface and easy to use functions. You get information and analysis of your posts. You can also download summary of your statics, directly in to your email.

5) Sum All – Sum all is a comprehensive tool which let you connect with major social media channels and e commerce websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  E bay, Amazon, Shopify, etc. It has a bundle of good features including goal tracking, real time data, etc.

These five tools are very popular and you will certainly find them useful. If you use them regularly performance of your social media account will improve in terms of more fans & followers and increased engagement.