Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes

Today  Digital Marketing is not an option, it is a must do thing for businesses to succeed. But are you satisfied with your digital marketing strategy and the end result? If the answer is no, then its time to review and find out if you are making any mistakes.

Digital Marketing Mistake

We always talk about “ what to do”? But we should also be aware of “what not to do”? There are many mistakes which turn diligent efforts ineffective and put your company into losses. By avoiding these mistakes you can actually realize full advantage of digital marketing.

1)  Ignoring Mobile Users- Marketers often design their marketing campaigns as per web interface thus they do not reach to the vast population of mobile internet users. This is a deadly mistake which results in  poor campaign performance and badly affects the return on investment (ROI). Mobile has become the primary device to access internet so you should have a mobile version of your website and marketing strategy keeping in mind the mobile users.

2) Not adopting to Change-  ‘Nothing is permanent, only change is constant’  this principle applies in marketing as well. What is the best practice today  may become outdated and ineffective tomorrow. For example, Google often makes changes in its algorithm, if you stick with old updates, your website ranking will come down.Facebook has also made changes in its privacy policy so keeping  yourself aware of the latest development in technology is mandatory. One who keeps pace with time gets success in business.

3) Images & videos –Promotion through only text content is not enough. When text is accompanied by imagery, infographics and videos, it casts a deep and lasting impression on the mind of the viewer. Infographics especially works better if you want to convey short messages with a symbolic image.Video Marketing is a new trend in Digital Marketing and many companies have started using it.

4) Extra Focus on SEO & Keywords SEO is important for any business, but SEO alone can not win the battle. Companies are taking extra efforts in making website more search engine friendly rather than user friendly. They are stuffing keywords all over their website which is very irritating as per customer’s perspective and it also lowers the quality of the content. Keywords should be relevant  and limited in numbers, It should come in naturally.

5) Poor Social Media Marketing Strategy – Social media is a massive  platform for marketing, but companies fail to provide it as much attention as it needs. They treat it as a small part of their marketing strategy and fall short to capitalize on its wide reach and huge  audience. Businesses  should form a separate unit for social media marketing for maximum benefits.

By avoiding these five mistakes one can improve the performance of their marketing campaign. Digital Marketing can boost your sales, widen your customer base and make your brand stand out in the cut throat competition. But Marketing is an ever changing  process so research and experiment is necessary.


Top 5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Managing multiple social media accounts is a difficult task, when you have many other things to do as well. Without proper engagement with audience, you will not get full benefit of social media. So what is the way out?  Thanks to tool developers for inventing social media tools by which you can handle all your social accounts from a dashboard. You can also monitor, analyze these accounts and send your message across social media with just a click.

Social Media

There are many awesome social media tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout social, Sendible, etc. That can manage your account efficiently and reduce your time and efforts. But most of them are chargeable and if you have a tight budget you can not avail their services. Another problem is that they all may not be suitable to the nature and the requirements of your business.

Fortunately there are many free tools too, which work well on social media. You can give them a try, they cost nothing.

1) Buffer – It let you add all your social accounts on its dashboard from where you can post content at one go and analyze stats. You get updates and you can also schedule your posts throughout week. Buffer also gives you popular content suggestion and top performing tweets of twitter. It offers both free and paid services.

2) Follwerwonk – The tool is especially made for twitter. It allows you to review the complete twitter activities of your followers. You can also compare the profile of multiple users against each other. It is best tool to review and analyze your and your follower’s stats.

3) Viral Boot – It is a free Pinterest tool to promote your pins, get likes and to gain new followers. It has a built in analytics, where you can find stats of your pins. Viral Boot is based on the theory of mutual promotion. You follow, like and repin other you earn some points which can be used for your own promotion.

4) Iconosquare – It’s a complete Instagram solution. It has a user friendly interface and easy to use functions. You get information and analysis of your posts. You can also download summary of your statics, directly in to your email.

5) Sum All – Sum all is a comprehensive tool which let you connect with major social media channels and e commerce websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  E bay, Amazon, Shopify, etc. It has a bundle of good features including goal tracking, real time data, etc.

These five tools are very popular and you will certainly find them useful. If you use them regularly performance of your social media account will improve in terms of more fans & followers and increased engagement.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

In digital world, Bigger isn’t always better when it’s a matter of connecting with audience. The first step of every small business to track their digital marketing campaign’s success is to measure the number of impressions. Yes, you got it right; it implies the number of people who have actually seen their message which could be in the form of ad, text, image and video. However, this obviously doesn’t indicate any number of clicks made on the message.

Bigger is not always Better

Today, almost all online businesses often focus on above discussed measure i.e. volume of impressions which will in turn leads to volume of conversions. And for marketers, here is the trick to make use of brands’ presence in front of a customer. Impressions convert to clicks and clicks convert to conversions only when interactions are meaningful. Hope you all agree with the statement?
The art lies in achieving these meaningful interactions? So, here are few tips to know how “Bigger isn’t always better”.

Targeted efforts:

Target Audience

Let me explain with an example, say you put some Banners or Hoardings ad of your specific product (say colourful LED lights). Now, there is a huge traffic coming across that ad every day but the number of people noticing it and actually requiring these lights might be very low. You never know. Undoubtedly, the total reach of the message is high; however the actual number of meaningful interactions is low.
Same goes for Social media posts and ads. So, to play smart marketers need to start by understanding the audience, create meaningful content and then use targeting capabilities of all social media platforms.



Rightly said, “It’s not the matter of quantity; it’s the matter of quality”. For a reliable business, fans and followers are not always the only indicator of success as they can easily be manipulated. Lakhs of likes on Facebook page, Thousands of followers on Twitter page seems impressive, however what to do with this huge number if they are not genuine or interacting. So, there is no point of fooling ourselves with volume of connections. An account with lesser number of engaged followers is more valuable, if people who actually recall your brand, talk about your brand, share your messages, comments on what you say and also give feedback at times. These engaged fans are more prone to become your customer soon.

Write Meaningful:

Meaningful Content

Follow the tact of what to say, when to say, whom to say and how to say. This practice leads you to posting the content which your audience is interested to read. If you are a blogger, then trust me writing two blogs each week is more than enough if the content is compelling enough to drive traffic to your blog. For this, write what people are talking about in your blog category or write something so exciting that they start looking forward to your next blog. If you are writing social media post, keep it short, sweet and compelling.

Plan your Campaigns:
campaign Planning

Don’t forget the thumb rule of smart digital marketing, Bigger isn’t always better. This is true in campaign management because it doesn’t matter how much you spend to build your brand, what matters is the way you spend. This could be accomplished through careful observation of consumer behaviour, using the learning to plan your campaign and further A/B testing of your ads. Start with a small budget, plan your campaign and monitor CPA. Make sure, a business with high Return on Investment is always appreciated.

To sum up, in every way whatever you do to increase your digital presence, Bigger isn’t always better fits to each of the above examples. Now, the ball is in your court, it depends on you how you play. Please share with your network and feel free to comment if you want to share your ideas.

Social Media – For Customer Loyalty Programs

Do you want to build a loyal customer base and wondering what the best method to do that is? The answer is Customer Loyalty Programs.

Customer Satisfaction

 According to Inc business magazine, Cost of acquiring a new customer is five to ten times more than selling to an existing client and your old customers spend approximately 67% more than new ones. It is a unanimously accepted fact that customer retention is more profitable than customer acquisition.

There is a tough competition in the market; the only way to retain customers for a long time is to build a strong relationship with them. There are many effective ways to do that and launching a Customer Loyalty Program is one of them. 65% of marketers have already included these programs in their Digital Marketing Strategy.

What is A Loyalty Program?

It is a marketing technique that encourages people towards loyal purchase behavior. It is a common practice used in almost every industry in some form. Reward points, loyalty card, advantage card, privileged customer card are some of the examples of Loyalty program. When a customer buys something using this program he gets some benefits in return.

Loyalty Program on Social Media

Every marketer knows the growing importance of Social Media. Companies, as well as customers, are present on social media, so it is an ideal place to run a customer loyalty program. Below are some of the steps to create an excellent program on social media.

Reward points for like, share and comment

Gifts for networking & Affiliate Marketing

Launch offers on reaching a milestone

Use Email Marketing to create awareness about the program

Keep it short and simple

Provide achievement badges and points

Set different level and ranking to spark competition

Loyalty program is a great opportunity to create a buzz, engage customers and reward your loyal customers.

 Essential Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing profile often involves handling dozens of task, coordinating with other departments and being responsible of overall performance of a brand.  Online marketing campaign, content marketing, social media management, email marketing, search engine marketing, are some of the essential things that a digital marketer does. Fortunately there are many useful tools that help them in efficiently managing multiple tasks simultaneously and save precious time.

Digital Marketing Tools

Keeping up with the latest industry development is very important otherwise you will be left behind. Google Alert is still the best tool; it hunts relevant information for you from every nooks and corner of the digital world. It is a widely used tool, what all you need to do is just enter keywords and preferences. You can also subscribe to RSS Feeds of popular blogs and websites.

To get all the things of your interest at a place Feedly is a very useful tool; it let you choose the area of your interest and subscribe to famous websites/blog.

Research comes next; everything out in the world is not useful for you and your target audience. Since majority of web traffic is search driven and Google is the widely used search engine, using Google Keyword Planner is a wise thing. You get information of popular keywords in your industry and plan your Digital Strategy accordingly. Google Trend is another handy tool to find out search trends on internet.

Social Media plays an important role in the brand building of a company; it is also a key factor in driving web traffic and increasing sales. There are many free social media tools, by which you can efficiently manage your social accounts and engage with your audiences. BufferHootsuite, SumAll are some of the widely used tools.

Finding people who are expert in your industry and have good social impact is recommended. If you want to build credibility and gain confidence of people, you need some well known names to back your brand. These people are called Influencer and they have good fan following. Klout is one of the best tools for this purpose. It gives every influencer a score between 0 – 100 based on the performance of their posts, activity on different social sites, so you can identify influencers easily. Kred and Peerindex are also good options.

In the end of the day result counts, to measure result Google Analytics is most widely used tool. Google Analytics is a free analysis tool which gives you detailed statics about your website, its traffic, source of traffic, visitor’s demographics, sales and conversions. You can set goals and track your performance too.

Things changes with the time and new technology keeps evolving so a Digital Marketer should always stay in the research mode. He should experiment and adopt new things.

How to Boost Sales through Digital Marketing

Major objective of marketing is to increase the sales of a company. Every company does marketing & promotion and set big goals not all of them become successful. So the question is what digital marketing strategies boost sales and make a company stand out in the crowd.

Digital Marketing

First step is to create a good website with quality content and information, promote it across internet, drive huge relevant traffic to your website and convert the traffic in to sales. However it is not an easy task especially converting visitors in to customers yet there are several ways by which you can improve the conversion rate of your website.

1) Use hastags in your social media posts, it will differentiate you from others. You will get relevant visitors and potential customers. For example if you use #ChristmasSale, shoppers will definitely visit your post and eventually sales will increase.

2) A sense of urgency often drives good numbers. Run special offers & discounts for a limited period of time. It will benefit you multiple ways; first traffic of your website will go up, improving the overall performance and ranking of your site. Second it will naturally boost your sales numbers and the last thing word of mouth publicity through your buyers.

3) Promotional contests on social media cast strong impact on business. Though it cost some money but the benefit is huge. For example you can offer some percentage of your profit to a person who recommends your product.

4) Collect contact details (Email id, Mobile number) of your customers and target audience and keep in touch with them through updates, newsletters, latest offers, etc. Make sure than you have obtained permission of your customers before sending these stuff. News letter should contain useful information otherwise people will unsubscribe it.

5) Content marketing is big help in engaging existing customers and gaining new ones. Content needs be really good to get success in the content marketing.

6) Internet users generally use search engines and online directories for information and product & services so being on the top page of search engines increase traffic and sales of a company. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a must do thing for every website owner. Make sure that your website has good ranking on keywords related to your product and industry.

7) Pay per Click Ads is most targeted and result oriented ads. It will get you potential customers through keyword search. Its great way of generating sales.

8) Referral Marketing is another way of boosting your sales. You can offer some rewards on sales as a commission to shopkeepers, merchants, etc. They will work like your employee and help you reach the goal.