Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tools

You always want to increase reach and engagement of your brand on the biggest social networking site of the world, Facebook but somehow fall short of your goal due to lack of proper strategy and sufficient time. These two stumbling blocks can be easily removed by using tools especially designed for Facebook Marketing. These tools will greatly reduce the time and efforts you put on social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing

1) Heyo – With Heyo you can create interesting contests and promotional campaigns for your Facebook page. Best thing about Heyo is that it let you run a mobile optimized campaign that too without any coding, drag & drop is enough. Initially you get 7 days of free trial which you can extend for some days by inviting people, though social sharing any by review. Once the trial period is over you can purchase the plan for $25 per month.

2) Post Planner – It is an amazing tool which gathers viral and popular contents such as photo, quotes, status and let you share those things with your audiences. You get the option to publish the content immediately or schedule it for peak hours. Content already being viral performs well on the Facebook that’s why Post Planner is very popular. Basic services of the tools are free however premium subscription is charged $29 per month.

3) Tabsite –  Tabsite is similar to Heyo as it also let you execute engaging contents and campaigns on your Facebook page, but here you can also provide coupons and run deals like Groupon. The tools has simple interface and it is easy to use. Some popular activities on this platform are photo contests, timeline content and video contest. It has free as well as chargeable plans

4) Canva– Images attract more than text, it is widely accepted fact. You can do better with Canva. It is a graphic tool which allows you to create beautiful images and share it on Facebook. It has a database of 10 lakhs images which will certainly help you a lot and you can also create image on your own. The tool is simple and creative.

5) Agora Plus – It is complete toolkit for Facebook & Twitter as per the website of the company. It offers a wide range of Facebook apps to run quizzes, contents and campaigns. It also has advance page analytics which let you trace the performance of your contests. The tool let you keep the details of your fan base and their activity. You can also moderate your page using this tool.

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