Top 5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Managing multiple social media accounts is a difficult task, when you have many other things to do as well. Without proper engagement with audience, you will not get full benefit of social media. So what is the way out?  Thanks to tool developers for inventing social media tools by which you can handle all your social accounts from a dashboard. You can also monitor, analyze these accounts and send your message across social media with just a click.

Social Media

There are many awesome social media tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout social, Sendible, etc. That can manage your account efficiently and reduce your time and efforts. But most of them are chargeable and if you have a tight budget you can not avail their services. Another problem is that they all may not be suitable to the nature and the requirements of your business.

Fortunately there are many free tools too, which work well on social media. You can give them a try, they cost nothing.

1) Buffer – It let you add all your social accounts on its dashboard from where you can post content at one go and analyze stats. You get updates and you can also schedule your posts throughout week. Buffer also gives you popular content suggestion and top performing tweets of twitter. It offers both free and paid services.

2) Follwerwonk – The tool is especially made for twitter. It allows you to review the complete twitter activities of your followers. You can also compare the profile of multiple users against each other. It is best tool to review and analyze your and your follower’s stats.

3) Viral Boot – It is a free Pinterest tool to promote your pins, get likes and to gain new followers. It has a built in analytics, where you can find stats of your pins. Viral Boot is based on the theory of mutual promotion. You follow, like and repin other you earn some points which can be used for your own promotion.

4) Iconosquare – It’s a complete Instagram solution. It has a user friendly interface and easy to use functions. You get information and analysis of your posts. You can also download summary of your statics, directly in to your email.

5) Sum All – Sum all is a comprehensive tool which let you connect with major social media channels and e commerce websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  E bay, Amazon, Shopify, etc. It has a bundle of good features including goal tracking, real time data, etc.

These five tools are very popular and you will certainly find them useful. If you use them regularly performance of your social media account will improve in terms of more fans & followers and increased engagement.

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