Top Content Promotion Tools

Content, which is used by businesses for promotional purpose is called Content Marketing. It is used by most of the companies for better rank in search engines, to engage customers, to increase traffic of their website and to acquire new customers. Digital Marketing agencies are best known for effective content marketing and promotion.
Some of the tools that should be used in content marketing promotion are given below:
Blogs – A Business Blog is essential for your Content Marketing venture. Blog keeps a customer informed and engaged with the company. It is search engine friendly and brings good ranking and traffic to your website. It also creates a good reputation of your company in public.
Directories – A company can post their content in relevant directories for the maximum online exposure. The one and only purpose of directories is to store these contents. When you submit your content to a directory you authorize others to repost it. Whenever anyone reposts your content your resource box and a back link creates there, thus you attract more traffic to your website.
Guest Posting – It is another great tool of Content Marketing. As it sounds you are required to write a post for other company or website generally without payment and you get to insert some number of links in to the body or at the end of the article as per agreement. Guest Posting is an excellent method of networking and having good relations with other companies of the industry.
Social Media Share buttons – Quality content is liked and shared in Social for hundreds of times. If you put Share button on your website or blog it will give your readers an opportunity to share your content with his family and friends. Some of the social media sharing buttons are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Let the readers do marketing for you. It’s a must do activity if you want really good traffic on your website.
Press Releases – It is an efficient content marketing tool. Many free press release distribution sites are available on internet. Some sites charge a small fee for it. These sites are great tool for spreading information and advertising your product and services and for building web traffic.
Info graphics – Infographics are more attractive than text and picture. If you use infographics you will attract more traffic and it is easy to demonstrate information in effective manner. Infographics such as Pie, Charts, Bars, present information in an interesting way.
Facebook Advertisement– Facebook is the largest social media network. It lets users make friends, join groups, share photos, links and videos. Facebook Ads are used for content promotion.
Pinterest – It permits companies to create pages for the promotion of their product and services. It is a great tool to share content in form of images.
Slideshare – The main purpose of Slideshare is to enable users to share knowledge in form of presentation, Pdf, Ebook, documents, embed youtube videos, etc. It started in 2006 and LinkedIn acquired it in 2012. It is an excellent platform to promote your content.
LinkedIn – It is a professional networking site where one can create a company page and connect with relevant audience and promote his content.
Offerpop – It is another professional site for content promotion. It is a social marketing software company that helps marketers in promotion of their products and services.
Twitter – It is a popular micro blogging site which lets you post a message up to 140 characters. Most of the famous brand and companies have their presence on twitter from where they get lakhs of followers. By using twitter card you can attach rich media contents like photos, infographics and videos in your tweets for maximum benefit.
Google Plus – It’s a huge social networking site of Google where you can create a page of your company and add relevant people in to your circle.
StumbleUpon – It is a discovery search engine which suggests online contents for its users and let them rate those contents. By availing paid discovery services you get higher web exposure for you content.
Content marketing is best method of increasing business but one should know the tools and technique. Generally companies hire Digital Marketing Agency for content marketing because they have expertise in this field.

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